you could get free car brakes for life from halfords – saving you £1,600 in replacement costs

by:JHY     2019-12-26
Many drivers often delay checking the brakes in order to save money.
But Halfords\'s new deal may mean that you will save more than £ 1,600 in replacement costs in your lifetime.
Customers who buy brake pads or shoes from the Halfords car center store can get free replacement pads or shoes for life.
This offer will even continue when you replace your car with a new set of wheels.
The deal is part of Brakes4Life\'s plan to crack down on drivers who avoid checking the brakes.
Halfords also offers free brake checks in all stores across the UK to check all parts of the brake system.
Depending on how you drive the motor, the brake pads can last between 25,000 and 60,000 miles.
If you rely heavily on the brakes while driving, they are more likely to wear out.
The warning signal indicates that you may need to replace the brake pads, including a loud scream when you step on the brakes, an increase in stop distance, or the brake pedal feels softer than normal.
It is also convenient to check the brake pads regularly by looking at the spokes on the wheels, and it is recommended to always use the 3mm visible pad. .
If you see fewer things, check them immediately, as defective brakes can be fatal.
Bob Masters, brake specialist at the Halfords motor center, said: \"As fuel prices and insurance costs push up driving costs, our brakes4 life program offers drivers unprecedented monetary value\"A one-
Payment for future unexpected brake-related expenses.
\"Driving with a worn brake can increase your parking distance while letting the brake pads wear all the way to the wear indicator may mean that your brake discs need to be replaced as well.
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