When there is sound brake should be how to do?

by:JHY     2020-04-06
Sound when the car brakes appeared, even 'scream', our subconscious will think something wrong with the car, the brake is broken down, and when you go to 4 s shop repair factory inspection, general maintenance personnel will show, tell you brake system somewhere 'bad', need to replace, phony 'repair', will give you change the new parts, when we are in the dark, somebody else already of wallets. Why do you say that? Because in many cases, the brake has not because it has a big mistake, but some can quickly solve the problem of small, and even do not need to solve the problem of himself will be good, if your car is because the above this kind of situation and 'scream', has a great chance to repair is to be slaughtered. So small make up today and will tell you a speak about the main symptom of braking sound, you know because it was after can also avoid the pit after money. 1. 'Unscathed' brake sound: brake disc during the period of 'break-in' like many parts of the car, brake disc, is a matter of 'period'. Whether it is a new car or new clothes on the brake disc brakes, because at the beginning of the use because you don't and brake pads to compare the status of the agreement, so the brake disc will appear when the brakes, brake sharp 'sound', in fact, this is normal performance, we also need not worry too much about, this is not a failure. But still recommended for brake in earnest to complete, at the same time try to avoid heavy during running-in brake and brakes, because in the period of outdated braking performance will be at a discount, this is for security reasons. 2: continuous heavy brake with even a minimal understanding of the braking system of friends have heard the word 'hot attenuation, the so-called heat attenuation is actually because of excessive use of brakes in a short time, lead to the brake disc overheating, thereby reducing the process of braking force. Continuous heavy brake when we drive a car, it will be hot attenuation, thermal attenuation is the manifestation of two braking force decreased significantly, the brake will be common to hear the shrill, known as the 'sound', in both cases the brake thermal attenuation is very normal, not the brakes malfunctioned, so you don't worry about it, such as thermal decay disappear 'sound' will disappear. 2. Problems of brake sound in addition to the above said several no sound of fault, there are also several real sound fault phenomenon, we need to pay attention to, but the solution is not in the brake disc, it will remember that. A: brake pad metal particles although now not the asbestos brake pad material of environmental protection has been eliminated, but inferior brake pads is still not disappear, the accessory factory original brake are commonly used half of all metal materials such as metal, and this kind of material in the wear to a certain extent may appear uneven distribution of high hardness metal particles, such as metal particles in brake pad, when you go down a foot brake, metal particles and the symphony begins between the brake disc. 。 。 Although this 'fault' will not cause any serious damage to the brake system, are also metal particles in a moment of time will disappear, but ultimately such metal particles or have some bad influence on brake disc. The car is his friends can choose to replace the better brake pads, fault immediately solved. 2: excessive brake pads wear some brake pads are warning plate thickness, when the brake pads wear to a 'tipping point', the thickness of the brake pads on the warning plate can produce direct friction with brake disc, thus appear unusually harsh voice, note that the sound than the above several so-called 'sound' is much larger, the average person can feel. When this happens to prove your brake pads wear out excessive, has to be replaced, don't change not only the loud noise from the let you hard to endure, also can appear in braking problems, increase security hidden danger. Excessive brake disc wear not only excessive brake pads wear will appear 'animal', excessive brake disc wear will appear the same problem, when the thickness of the brake disc is lower than the critical point, cover the brake discs will direct contact with brake pad metal package edge, there will be a huge sound, not only may also cause brake failure, intense shaking body, so you try to regularly check the thickness of the brake disc, brake pads to the critical point can change again, brake disc mill until this level change, really a little late! Three: deformation brake disc brake disc is also one of the causes of the brake sound, judge whether the brake plate deformation method is simple, if your car with sound and shake when the brakes, so mostly is the brake plate deformation, this fault is judged according to the condition of deformation repair or replacement.
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