What parts does the disc brake consist?

by:JHY     2020-02-16
The disc brake has hydraulic type and is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The main parts include brake disc, cylinder, brake caliper, oil pipe, etc. The brake disc is made of alloy steel and fixed on the wheel and rotates with the wheel. The cylinder is fixed on the bottom plate of the brake, and the two friction plates on the brake caliper are respectively installed on both sides of the brake disc. The piston of the cylinder is driven by the hydraulic pressure from the oil pipe to push the friction plate to press the brake disc to generate friction braking, the action is like using pliers to clamp the rotating plate and force it to stop. The disc brake has fast heat dissipation, light weight, simple structure and convenient adjustment. The disc brake adopted by many cars includes plane brake disc, punching brake disc and scribing brake disc, among which scribing brake disc has better braking effect and ventilation and heat dissipation capability. The disc brake applies force along the brake disc, the brake shaft is not affected by bending moment, the radial dimension is small, and the braking performance is stable. The rotating element in the friction pair of the disc brake is a metal disc working on the end face, which is called the brake disc. Its fixed elements have a variety of structural types and can be generally divided into two categories. One is the brake block composed of friction block with small working area and metal back plate, and each brake has 2 ~ Four. These brake blocks and their actuating devices are installed in the clamp-shaped bracket across the two sides of the brake disc, which is always called the brake caliper. This kind of brake composed of brake disc and brake caliper is called caliper disc brake. The metal back plate and friction plate of another kind of fixed element are also disc-shaped, and all working surfaces of the brake disc can contact with the friction plate at the same time. This kind of brake is called full disc brake. The caliper disc brake used to be only used as the central brake, but it is increasingly used as the wheel brake by cars and trucks at all levels. There are only a few cars with full disc brakes (Mainly heavy vehicles)Adopted as wheel brake. Only caliper disc brake is introduced here. The caliper disc brake can be divided into two types: fixed caliper disc and floating caliper disc. Fixed caliper disc fixed caliper disc brake. The brake clamp body 5 straddled on the brake disc 1 is fixed on the axle 6. It cannot rotate or move along the axis direction of the brake disc, and the two pistons 2 in it are respectively located on both sides of the brake disc 1. When braking, the brake oil is controlled by the brake master cylinder (Brake master cylinder) Through the oil inlet 4, it enters into the two connected hydraulic Chambers in the caliper body, and presses the brake block 3 on both sides to the brake disc 1 fixedly connected with the wheel, thus generating braking. This kind of brake has the following disadvantages: There are many oil cylinders, which makes the structure of the brake caliper complicated; The oil cylinder is placed on both sides of the brake disc, and must be connected by the inner oil passage or external oil pipe across the brake disc, which makes the size of the brake caliper too large to be installed in the rim of modern cars; When the heat load is large, the oil cylinder and the brake fluid in the oil pipe or oil passage across the brake disc are easy to be vaporized by heat; To be used concurrently for parking brake, a mechanically activated parking brake caliper must be installed. Floating caliper disc floating caliper disc brake, brake clamp body 2 is connected with axle 7 through guide pin 6, and can move axially relative to brake disc 1. The brake clamp body only sets the oil cylinder on the inside of the brake disc, while the outer brake block is attached to the clamp body. When braking, the hydraulic oil enters the brake cylinder through the oil Inlet 5, pushes the piston 4 and its friction block to move to the right, and presses it onto the brake disc, and makes the cylinder and the brake clamp move to the left along the pin as a whole, until the friction block on the right side of the brake disc is also pressed onto the brake disc to clamp the brake disc and brake it. Contrary to the fixed caliper disc brake, the axial and radial dimensions of the floating caliper disc brake are small, and the chance of vaporization of the brake fluid is less. In addition, when the floating caliper disc brake is also charged with the driving and parking brake, it is only necessary to install some parking brake mechanical transmission parts to push the cylinder piston near the Driving Brake Caliper cylinder. Therefore, since 1970s, floating caliper disc brake has gradually replaced fixed caliper disc brake.
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