What items need self-inspection before Automobile Inspection?

by:JHY     2020-02-19
With the sudden drop in temperature and the cold weather, many car owners found that there was always a problem with the 'power supply' of their cars. If the fire can't be struck, and every time you turn the key, all the data of the instrument will be reset quickly. In response, enrui clutch cylinder pointed out that the power consumption of cars in winter is greater than that in other seasons, especially for car owners who always develop the habit of 'Power Consumption' at ordinary times, this is the dangerous period of 'power shortage' for their cars. Tire pressure inspection: adjust the tire pressure to the vehicle calibration pressure as much as possible (Read the Instructions, don't listen to the tire repair department), Four tires have the same pressure. Road test brake: there must be no head or tail flick during sudden brake. If you change the brake pad or brake disc, you must run more than 500 kilometers before checking the car. In addition, the brake pads should be changed at the same time as far as possible to avoid uneven braking force. Adjustment of Handbrake: find a familiar repair shop, adjust the handbrake to 3 teeth, pay special attention, after the car is qualified, then return to normal state, otherwise the fee handbrake. Light adjustment: light brightness should be normal, wipe the lampshade clean. Looking for a night, the headlights are high-beam, and the distance from the headlights is 5 meters. Generally, it should be slightly lower than the belt of the person. Left and right and up and down offsets are not rejected items and are recommended adjustments. According to the introduction of enrui clutch cylinder, vehicles traveling more than 50 kilometers have a benign impact on batteries, but many office workers travel more than 10 to 20 kilometers a day, which will cause unnecessary power consumption for a long time. In contrast, vehicles that often run long distances are not easy to 'lack electricity '; The installation of electronic equipment will also aggravate the power consumption of the battery, especially the improper modification of the audio and the use of GPS with poor quality will often greatly consume the power; When the vehicle is idle for a period of time, the anti-theft device installed on the vehicle will also increase power consumption. Check the lights at night. When driving at night, when the car is in neutral or automatic gear and needs to stop at a red light, if the light is obviously dimmed, this means that the battery life is not long. Because the engine is in idle speed when it is in neutral gear, which is not enough to provide power for night lights. At this time, it is basically powered by batteries. When the life of the batteries is coming to an end, it is difficult to provide sufficient lighting power. Fire with the car. When starting the car, if you obviously feel that the ignition power is insufficient, and the rotation speed is not as good as before, it means that the power supply is insufficient. Turn on the headlights to observe the engine movement. This method is more intuitive, as long as the headlights are turned on, such as the white light, indicating that the battery is normal; If the light is red and dark, the power is insufficient. Turn on the engine, if the speed is normal, although the light is slightly dimmed, but there is still enough brightness, indicating that the battery is good and the charging is sufficient; If the engine appears weak and the light becomes dim, it means that the battery is over-discharged and should be charged immediately; If when the engine is connected, the light is dark red and the engine is shut down, the battery discharge has exceeded the limit. What should I do when my car is short of electricity but there is something urgent to use? This requires borrowing electricity. How to 'borrow electricity' correctly in a short period of time also requires skills. Usually, the battery auxiliary cable can be used to connect the two cars and borrow electricity from other cars. However, it should be noted that when borrowing the battery power of other vehicles, the positive pole of the battery is connected to the positive pole, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole. The engine of the borrower must be started first. In addition, it must be ensured that the clips of the positive cable and the negative cable will not contact to prevent damage to the battery caused by short circuit. Driving for at least 20 minutes can ensure that the battery is fully charged. After temporarily borrowing electricity, you should immediately drive to the maintenance point you trust. It is best to take the battery to the professional factory for charging. The battery during the service life does not have to be replaced with a new one.
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