What is the reason why the clutch cylinder is broken?

by:JHY     2020-02-25
Oil leakage, clutch does not separate, etc. , affect the normal driving of the vehicle, increase fuel consumption, there are security risks. Tip: clutch master cylinder, pump, equivalent to two hydraulic cylinders. Master cylinder on into conducted for a oil-outlet wheel cylinder only a root tube. Step on the clutch, the pressure of the master cylinder is transmitted to the cylinder, the cylinder works, and the separation fork disengages the clutch pressure plate and plate from the flywheel, then the shift can begin. Loosen the clutch, the cylinder stops working, the clutch pressure plate and the sheet are in contact with the flywheel, the power transmission continues, and the oil of the cylinder flows back into the oil pot. When the shift is difficult and the separation is not complete, it is necessary to detect the clutch master cylinder and the cylinder pump with or without oil leakage, and solve the problem in time to reduce wear and tear.
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