toyota safety woes spread to prius

by:JHY     2019-12-28
Already struggling in public.
The troubled Toyota Motor Company said there was a problem with the brakes of the Prius hybrid.
Toyota is a pioneer in hybrid vehicles, and any new question mark on Prius safety could be a major setback to its efforts to recover from the massive recalls and heavy losses caused by the global economic crisis.
\"As of the end of last year, we had received dozens of complaints from dealers in Japan and North America,\" Toyota spokesman Iwasaki Mieko said . \".
She added that the automaker is looking into the reports, which involve the new Prius model launched last year.
Japan\'s Ministry of Transport said it had received at least 13 complaints about the Prius brakes in the two months ended January alone.
Another Prius driver complained that his brakes failed on last July, causing minor injuries to both.
\"Many complaints were filed in a short period of time.
\"We are investigating these cases to determine what measures the department should take, but do not rule out the possibility of a recall,\" the official said . \".
S. Security officials say they are also investigating complaints about potential defects in the Prius brake system.
\"If we have reason to believe that there are security risks, we will take all necessary measures to protect consumers,\" said Olivia Arrell, spokesman for the Ministry of Transport.
Meanwhile, U. S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has stepped up pressure on the Japanese carmaker after accusing Toyota of holding back a day in the recall.
When LaHood told a congressional team that the owners of millions of defective Toyota cars should \"stop driving\" them, he caused a brief panic.
He later tried to downplay his remarks and told reporters: \"What I want to say and what I want to say is that if you own one of these cars or you have questions, give it to the dealer and they will fix it.
But he insisted that security officials \"will continue to drag Toyota\" and said he wanted to go directly with Toyota Chief Executive Akio Toyoda on these issues.
LaHood reiterated that his agency is looking at the possibility that Toyota will be subject to civil penalties for safety violations --
That could mean a fine of millions of dollars.
And will \"continue to investigate all possible causes of these security issues.
Toyota shares fell 5.
Three cents to four dollars.
Afternoon trading after $03 fell to its lowest.
After the comments of LaHood 90.
Investors are also concerned about reports of the Prius problem and data on the sharp decline in the carmaker\'s sales in the United States in January.
\"Hybrid cars are almost the best-selling cars in Japan and the United States at the moment. If (the Prius)
\"There is a serious problem that will have a strong impact on Toyota\'s performance,\" said Tatsuya Mizuno, an analyst at Mizuno Credit Consulting . \".
The Prius car manufactured between 2004 and 2009 was one of the recalled models because the accelerator pedal had the risk of being trapped in a fully open position by the floor mat.
The Japanese giant replaced GM as the world\'s top carmaker in 2008.
Automakers have been hit by a series of safety issues, weakening their coveted reputation as a safe and reliable car maker.
The company is recalling nearly 8 million vehicles worldwide.
About 2009 of its global sales.
Due to a problem with the accelerator pedal, this can cause the car to accelerate inadvertently.
Toyota\'s US department said it had developed a repair method for the \"sticky\" accelerator pedal and started shipping parts to American dealers for repair.
It is also replacing faulty floor mats. But Apple co-
Founder Steve Wozniak said he thought the problem with the defective Toyota accelerator pedal could have something to do with the software as his Prius sped up during the cruisecontrol.
Wozniak told ABC News, \"because my foot has never touched the pedal, the problem can\'t be that the accelerator pedal is sticky . \". . . .
There may be some bad software in it.
\"These problems have hurt Toyota\'s sales, and according to research firm Autodata, Toyota\'s sales in the United States for the first time in January were below 100,000.
Last week, Honda recalled 646,000 cars worldwide due to fire risk, and the company said it was concerned that the problems could affect the entire Japanese industry.
Kondo Koichi, vice president of Honda, told reporters after announcing the US dollar us1: \"We are certainly worried that the recall may undermine consumer confidence in Japanese cars . \".
Quarterly profit of 5 billion.
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