There are three points to pay attention to in daily inspection and maintenance of automobile braking system

by:JHY     2020-02-20
Everyone knows that the brake system is very important to the driver's life safety. Once the brake system fails during driving, it will often lead to major traffic accidents. Therefore, car owners should pay attention to learning the daily maintenance and troubleshooting methods of the brake system. Today, I would like to introduce to you three points that need to be paid attention to in daily inspection and maintenance of the automobile brake system: 1. Regularly check the height of brake fluid and regularly check the height of brake fluid every month, pay attention to whether the liquid level of brake fluid has obviously decreased and whether the quality has deteriorated. If so, add or replace it in time. Because if the amount of brake fluid is insufficient, air will enter and the brake will become insensitive. Solution: The storage tank of brake fluid is made of translucent resin. If the jar is dirty, just wipe it with a cloth and a simple visual inspection can be carried out. The brake fluid should reach the baseline of the storage tank. If the brake fluid is greatly reduced compared with the previous inspection, the possibility of failure is very high and leakage may occur. At the same time, the manual gear car is equipped with a clutch, which also needs to pay attention to its liquid volume, if the liquid volume decreases and enters the air, it can not be effectively braked. 2. Check the wear degree of brake pad brake pad is an important safety component in the automobile brake system. It can be said that the brake pad plays a decisive role in the quality of all braking effects. When checking the brake pad, pay attention to the degree of wear and tear, and replace it in time if it reaches a certain degree. Solution: Under normal circumstances, if the thickness difference between the two sides of the brake pad on the fixed brake caliper reaches 1. At 5mm, the thickness difference between the two sides of the brake pad on the floating brake caliper reaches 3. It needs to be replaced at 0mm. However, it is impossible to accurately determine whether the brake pad is worn or not only through simple appearance observation. It is better to measure the thinnest part of the brake pad with a ruler to see if it is within the allowable range. 3. The braking system needs to be kept dry, and the brake fluid which transmits the braking force has extremely strong water absorption. If there is water entering the brake fluid, the high temperature generated by friction during the braking process will water vapor, and the gas will be compressed in the brake fluid, this will cause brake reduction or even failure. In the rainy season and other seasons with high air humidity, some brake fluid absorbs water seriously, and water droplets can be seen on the cover of the brake fluid oil Cup. In addition, after the vehicle is cleaned or waded, the braking system will also become wet, causing the parking distance to become longer or the vehicle to lean to one side when parking. Solution: when the brake is wet, the owner had better go to the maintenance point to blow dry, on the one hand, to restore the braking function of the braking system, on the other hand, to blow away the sediment brought by rainwater, reduce their damage to the braking system. If the conditions are not allowed, the owner can click the brake lightly at a safe speed to make the brake shoe rub with the brake drum or brake disc to generate heat and evaporate the water. The owner will step on it several times more, can achieve the purpose of drying. However, the car mainly remembers that the action of point braking should be light to prevent the braking system from overheating. The automobile braking system is one of the important safety system devices of the automobile, and has become the two major safety devices of the automobile together with the automobile tire. We say that the engine has a decisive influence on the performance of the car, and the braking system plays a leading role in the safety performance of the car. Therefore, ensuring good performance of the braking system is an important aspect of driving safety.
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