The type of braking system

by:JHY     2020-03-30
JHY is a professional automotive brake calipers auto parts company, welcome to consult! The main brake system often used car brakes are the feet of the operation, so also known as the foot brake ( 脚刹车) 。 After the driver on the brake pedal by mechanical or hydraulic braking device of the brake force to the wheels to create friction. Parking brake system with the parking brake is also called the hand brake, as when the car is parked, prevent the brake of vehicles glide. Generally has installed in the middle of the shaft brake type, and the direct control of the rear wheel brake type two kinds. Anti-lock braking system car on wet or icy low friction surface, if there is excessive braking condition, the wheel will be brakes locked and lose grip, lead to losing the ability to control the direction of the vehicle. In order to make the vehicles in the danger of pavement can effectively control the direction of advance, and the development of ABS antilock brake systems. Performance is more and more strong ABS antilock brake systems ', can also let the TCS - during function Traction Control System and VSC - 'Traction Control' Vehicle Stability Control Vehicle Stability Control system ( Equivalent to ESP) To control a car travels in tracking performance, and control the stability of the vehicle when cornering performance.
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