The key point that cannot be ignored is to reduce the wear of the clutch. It is very important to shift gears correctly

by:JHY     2020-02-24
When the engine is running, stepping on the clutch pedal, there is a 'rustling' sound, and it increases with the increase of the engine speed. According to the fault phenomenon, first check and replace the clutch separation bearing, then lubricate the small bearing supporting the transmission shaft at the rear end of the crankshaft with grease, and check the movement of the bearing needle roller, and no abnormality is found. After the transmission is installed, the noise has not changed. Judging the sound part by auscultation method, it is found that the piston rod of the clutch cylinder has a loud sound. Considering that it may be the quality of the accessories, the two brands of separate bearings have been replaced continuously, and the effect is still not obvious. In the test run again, it was found that when the clutch pedal was just stepped on, the noise was not heard instantly, and gradually the sound became louder and louder. After careful analysis, when the clutch pedal is just stepped on, the sound is not obvious because the rotation speed of one shaft is close to that of the flywheel and the front support bearing of one shaft is relatively stationary. As the rotating speed of one shaft drops to completely rest, the bearing rises with the rotating speed of the engine, so the noise becomes louder and louder. After the bearing here is replaced, the noise disappears. The clutch is not separated. When the clutch pedal is rapidly stepped down, the clutch can be separated, but after stepping on the clutch pedal for a period of time, the clutch cannot be separated. The reason for this failure is that the leather bowl of the hydraulic brake master cylinder is aging and worn, and there are longitudinal grooves, and the inner wall of the master cylinder is seriously worn. Therefore, when the clutch pedal is pressed urgently, due to the viscosity and fluid inertia of the brake fluid, the amount of oil discharged by the brake fluid from the leather bowl mouth and groove of the main cylinder is relatively small, and the amount and pressure of the brake fluid in front of the leather bowl are relatively large, so the clutch can disengage. When stepping on the clutch pedal slowly, the pressure oil in front of the leather wrist of the master cylinder will be squeezed back to the vacuum chamber behind the leather bowl along the mouth and groove of the leather bowl, causing the pressure to fail to build and the clutch to fail to separate. After the replacement repair, troubleshooting. In order to reduce the wear of the clutch, it is first necessary to know that the structure of the clutch cylinder is set on the input shaft sleeve of the transmission, which relies on the clutch pressure plate to provide return force to the cylinder cylinder through the separation bearing, therefore, the separation bearing is always in contact with the pressure plate at ordinary times. When the clutch pedal is pressed, the clutch pressure plate and the compression plate are separated by the separation bearing. Enrui clutch cylinder will tell you: if the driver depresses the clutch pedal and the transmission of the engine is disconnected, the engine power will not be transmitted to the wheels to drive the car. When the driver releases the clutch, the transmission of the engine will be connected with the transmission, thus transmitting power to the wheels. Note that the following methods can effectively reduce the wear of the clutch. Use the first gear start to obtain the maximum torque when starting and reduce the clutch overload. Reduce the clutch in a semi-linked state, when using, the clutch pedal should be stepped on to the end, completely loosen after use, to ensure complete separation and reliable combination of the clutch. After successful start, the clutch should be loosened as soon as possible to reduce unnecessary friction between the clutch pressure plate and the compression plate. Do not put your foot on the clutch pedal during normal driving to ensure full engagement of the clutch inside. In addition, when driving in the city, do not step on the clutch pedal too early when you need to slow down. You should wait until the speed is reduced to a reasonable range before stepping on the clutch pedal to reduce the clutch idling. When parking, the neutral gear should be removed and the clutch pedal should be released, which can avoid increasing the burden on the clutch.
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