the importance of using regulation compliant brakes

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The following headings are excerpted from articles and news sites and, as several examples, brake failures are identified as the main cause of accidents and potential deaths on South African roads.
However, taxis and buses are not the only culprit.
Every owner who serves his own vehicle, in order to save several Rand, uses fake brake pads, not only risking his own life, but also the lives of his family and other drivers on the road.
2004 bad brakes make truck death trap 70% trucks were inspected by road traffic police during the Blitz in KwaZulu
The Natal Road was found defective on the brakes last week.
Gumnovember 2004-\'Death-
Trap taxi no location on our road2004)
Traffic officials believe this is a can of cool drinks on the minibus taxi dashboard
But they\'re going to be stunned.
They found a tube on the jar that caused the brake fluid in the engine compartment to be stored.
The driver keeps pouring brake fluid into the tank while driving.
This is just one of the terrible flaws found by the Johannesburg Metro police station (JMPD)
As part of their 500 taxis, police raided the taxi
Day operation token day, including blitzing of ranked taxis (Ref. IOL. co.
Za, November 5, 2004)
Radebe accused the brakes of failing in a bus accident (2006)
Transport minister Jeff Radby said Thursday that a brake failure was a major factor in a recent series of bus accidents.
He told the SA Association of bus operators: \"The buses involved in these accidents are obviously old and are not suitable for the road . \" (Saboa)
Conference in Pretoria
In some cases, new components are installed by the bus to pass the road test and then they are removed.
He warned that operators who caused the bus crash due to negligence, recklessness and maladjustment to the road would be held responsible.
Radebe said that all bus operators receiving state subsidies must update their fleet and conduct regular tests at authorized facilities, when should I change the brakes?
Symptoms of brake failure: 1.
If you hear a strange sound when you step on the brakes, your brake system may cry for help.
The two most common ones are screaming and grinding. 2.
The creaking friction of the brake liner creates heat.
This can damage the brake pads and/or pads, brake drums and rotors in extreme conditions. 3.
The grinding metal grinding sound indicates that the brake pads are worn out. Metal-to-
The metal contact can damage the drum or rotor. 4.
Do you need to pump your brakes to stop the car?
Will the pedal sink to the floor when you stop under the light?
There may be leaks in the brake system, air in the brake line, or brake adjustment is required. 5.
Pull to one side or brake resistance wear or uneven brake lining or damage to the brake line can cause the vehicle to pull to one side.
Brakes that are not adjusted or contaminated with fluid can cause the brakes to drag.
Importance of brake test and brake sheet certification European standards require brake manufacturers to comply with and guarantee original equipment standards to focus on performance and quality in the following areas.
Products that meet these standards carry trademarks on products and packaging.
In Europe, brake pads cannot be used or sold unless they are marked with proof of compliance with their performance and quality standards.
Most countries in the world are following suit to set standards that must be followed by brake pads.
The regulation is in the government gazette.
Decree No. 22014 of February 2, 2001, the brake lining Assembly in South Africa must comply with the code, which is regulated by SABS.
Tests of these regulations include laboratory and road tests. Instead of detailing these regulations, we summarize the requirements: brake pad Road test: 1. A series of 0-
Type standardized test sudden braking at different speed and load conditions, the purpose is to test the correct response in case of emergency, parking and different braking. 2.
In the first Test, the brakes were used 15 times in a row to test their performance under different conditions.
In the process, the brakes will warm.
Finally, measure and check whether its performance is correct, then compare the results with the brake performance when the brake is cold. 3. Speed-
The sensitivity test CTR determined the pressure in the previous test to obtain a deceleration of 5 m/s2.
The same test was repeated at speeds of 65 km/h, 90 km/h and 135 km/h to check if the braking deceleration remained the same regardless of the speed at which the vehicle was traveling.
Laboratory test of brake pads: Mechanical Laboratory test after road test is completed: 1.
When the compression test brake is at 5% °c, the compression of the brake pad should not exceed 400 of its thickness. C. 2.
Braking resistance this test simply determines the adhesion of the friction material to the metal bracket.
An approval number is issued once the test is completed, and the brake pads and packaging must contain a specific number. For example: E1 XXXXX.
The packaging should be tamper-proof and contain local language instructions for selling the product.
The standard-compliant brake pads not only ensure Road-driven vehicles, but also ensure the safety of drivers and passengers when they are most needed.
Therefore, all car owners are urged to ensure that the replacement brake pads they purchase meet industry requirements and standards.
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