The importance of automobile brake system

by:JHY     2020-04-05
Today we bring you know about the importance of automobile brake system. First of all we know about the car braking system: the first automobile brake system is also called the automobile braking system. Brake system is used to driving in the car were forced to slow down or even stop, according to the requirements of the driver Already stopped the car in a variety of road conditions ( Including on the ramp) Stability in the car; Keep cars traveling downhill speed stability. At present domestic among car makers in small to medium sized finished goods vehicle for front coil used after the drum type brake system, some models for four-wheel disc brakes, relative to the drum brake, disc brake is more advanced in technology, quality is more lightweight, heat dissipation performance, braking performance and complex weather, road conditions, to adapt to more excellent performance. The importance of automobile brake system: first, on the brake pedal, pedal without resistance is not lack of springback at this time to determine whether the brake fluid, brake pump and pipeline leaks oil joint, total pumps and pump parts for damage, etc. The brakes, brake to soften tender is abnormal braking force is abate, this failure is usually there are three reasons: the first is a pump or pump oil pressure is not enough, could flush oil leakage phenomenon; The second is the brake failure, such as brake pads, brake disc; And the third is the brake pipe leakage into the air, if successive a few feet when the brake pedal height increased slightly, and elastic, that penetrate the air in the brake line. Third, brake harden greatly the topic of the driver will meet the brake harden, brake harden reason mainly has vacuum booster failure brake without assistance, frequent causes such as after the brakes. But in the process of moving, because the brake plate rolling speed, wheel cylinder function inequality phenomenon during rapid friction is not significant, so it is hard to detect. At this time should be promptly to the regular brand shop test or the garage. General car age longer this occur more easily. Fifth, in the car steering wheel 'partial brake' hit the brakes is stopped, the wheel will turn to the side, the cause of the problem is mainly due to the braking system around the pump on the brake force caused by uneven. First, the brake cannot possibly provide pressure transmission pipeline pressure loss on the phenomenon, lead to can't provide brake force. Sixth, continuous brake, pedal position increases, and have a sinking feeling. There is no doubt that this is the oil spill. Seventh, trembling in the car when the brakes excessive wear, brake disc surface roughness has controlled to some extent, if this kind of situation, on the advice you to test in the regular brand shop or garage, brake disc for grinding, or directly for replacement.
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