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by:JHY     2019-11-13
Perry Sands said: \"I was a shop owner in high school, I repaired motorcycles in college, repaired machine shops and tool designs, and worked in a machine shop.
Three or four months after I got married in 1970, I quit my job, sold my new truck and started my own business.
Performance machines that make custom brake systems and wheels for motorcycles now employ 122 employees.
Among other things, it makes the brake system used by Buell Motorcycle Company
Sports bike manufacturer in Wis Troy.
Harley-Davidson owns a 49% stake in the company
While motorcycles have always been its main focus, Sands said that performance has been involved in making well drilling tools and parts for medical equipment, \"We have also made a lot of aerospace parts over the years.
But at the end of 1980, when we saw that aerospace didn\'t look very good, we threw everything away and went back to the motorcycle.
The 47-year-old said his business \"started when Harley-Davidson began collecting steam in 1980.
People will increase.
Performance stuff and then found that the stock wheels and brakes couldn\'t hold up, so they came to us.
\"In the advertisement for the MCM prototype, Performance used an existing brake system designed by itself, but Sands said the company was asked to develop a lighter, customized system for MCM\'s production bike.
He said he wants to establish a relationship with Buell like his company.
\"They produced 150 bicycles in 1992 and then worked with Harley to produce 800 in 1994 and plan to produce 2,000 next year.
I can see that MCM is doing something like that \"and using performance brakes on every bike.
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