The brake pad is safe left and right, and should not blindly covet cheap

by:JHY     2020-02-21
Brake pads. As the name implies, he certainly plays a role that cannot be ignored in the process of braking the vehicle. So, why are there so many vehicles having problems with brake pads? How can we prevent problems before they happen? If you want to understand the function of brake pads, you have to start with the working principle of the brake system. It is understood that in the brake system, the most intuitive and visible thing for the driver is the brake pedal in the car. In addition, the main components also include the brake master cylinder, the brake vacuum booster pump, the brake cylinder of the four wheels and the brake caliper, and brake discs and brake pads. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the piston in the brake master cylinder will be pushed, and then the pressure will be transmitted through the brake oil circuit, and the pressure will be transmitted to the piston of the brake cylinder of the brake caliper through the brake oil, to promote brake pads clamping brake disc. From the working principle of the brake system, it is not difficult to see that the brake disc and brake pad directly generate brake friction. Through the friction between the two, the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted into heat energy, thus achieving the purpose of braking. It can be said that the quality of the brake pad directly determines the braking performance of the vehicle. So, how are brake pads sold in the current market classified? The reporter came to an auto parts city to find out. Let's look at the Group of brake pads just now. The red one is what the master said about the deputy brake pads. Due to the high content of metal debris, the surface of the brake pad has been oxidized, and the red substance is the saying rust. Long-term use of such brake pads, the danger is naturally self-evident. It is understood that some informal manufacturers will use a large amount of cheap metal debris in order to reduce costs. In order to ensure the brake performance, regular manufacturers pay special attention to the material ratio of brake pad friction materials. Only in this way can we effectively avoid the occurrence of dangerous consequences such as brake failure, wheel locking, steering wheel out of control and tire fire caused by brake pad combustion in the braking process. It can be seen that the problem of brake pads cannot save money. Finally, you need to be reminded that even if the maintenance is proper, the front brake pad of the general passenger car should be replaced every 30 thousand to 40 thousand kilometers. Since the rear piece is less worn than the front, the front piece is replaced twice, the rear piece should be replaced once. In addition, most of the current models of vehicles also have warning signs on the dashboard. First of all, look at the friction coefficient. First of all, look at the friction coefficient. The friction coefficient determines the basic braking torque of the brake pad. Too high will cause the wheels to lock, lose control of direction and burn the brake pads during the braking process, too low braking distance is too long; Second, it depends on safety. The brake pad will generate instantaneous high temperature during braking, especially during high-speed driving or emergency braking. Under high-temperature conditions, the friction coefficient of the friction pad will decrease; Third, whether it is comfortable, including braking feeling, noise, dust, smoke, peculiar smell, etc. , is the direct embodiment of friction performance; Four look at the life, usually the brake pad can guarantee the service life of 30 thousand kilometers. Two choices first of all, the brake pads produced by regular manufacturers with license number, designated friction coefficient, Implementation Standard, etc. should be selected, and the packaging box should have Certificate of Conformity, production batch number, production date, etc; Secondly, choose a professional maintenance point and ask professionals to install it. If the brake is locked, the brake cylinder or master cylinder is faulty. Didn't hit the brakes lock may is brake pads of the mounting pin off cause brake pads dislocation stuck brake disc locking. This brake problem is very important, should hurry to 4S shop to do maintenance, can not be ignored. The vehicle with 80% brake deviation belongs to dynamic balance and four-wheel alignment. If this possibility can be ruled out, it must be due to tires and steel rings, because the problems of tires and steel rings directly affect ABS. Therefore, it is suggested to go to 4S store for inspection, which is free of charge.
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