The brake for?

by:JHY     2020-04-09
Many owners are insufficient original brake, namely soft feeling when braking foot, always have similarly need to brake. To improve this problem, in fact, we don't have to frequently spend tens of thousands of yuan to the braking system of a complete set of to be modified. Below small make up just to give you a few solution: plan 1: high-performance brake pads to optimize a good braking performance change brake pads can get quick results. Can buy on the market the high performance of brake pad has a lot of, on the choice to follow the principle of applicable is good: first of all, measure the brake pads need to pay attention to the two performance indexes, the friction coefficient and working temperature, with proportional law of the two Numbers, usually strong brake lining friction coefficient, starting working temperature is relatively high. It is important to note that some of the high friction coefficient does not apply to the streets to use pads, high friction coefficient can make brake becomes unusually sensitive, driving comfort, make the car passenger trip is small, high working temperature can make the low temperature condition actually braking performance cannot play, such modification for daily travel has lost its meaning. And the higher the coefficient of friction of the brake pads wear of brake disc is more serious, so modified to upgrade the brake pads must apply just good, don't go to the pursuit of high friction and working temperature. Scheme 2: brake steel throat promotion for pay attention to the driver brakes the foot feels the foot feels, replace the brake pipe is also highly cost-effective upgrade project, because the original brake pipe outer rubber materials, widely used in power brake rubber tubing will inflation caused by the brake oil pressure is too high, slow down the speed of brake fluid circulation, step the brake pedal brake reaction has slow down the foot feels really enough. Upgrade brake tubing wrapped with a layer of strong on the outside of rubber wire, reducing the tubing expand feeling, so also called brake steel pipes. After the replacement of brake steel throat brake pedal strength can significantly enhance the feedback, give a person a kind of foot solid feel. Solution 3: high-performance brake disc of the modification of the following is the brake disc, upgrade brake disc is usually divided into the original size to replace plate and plate. Full size replace disc replacement is more convenient, due to the use of the same pitch and diameter, the change as long as a tear open a pack so simple. High-performance brake disc usually adopt crossed or punch form, this design can make brake pads off the powder in the process of down hole hole quickly ruled out, and reduce the skid phenomenon caused by powder, increase the friction. And big production of brake discs with fine making more, on the strength of the material is better than the original brake disc, a good pair of brake discs with more efficient heat dissipation performance. In raising the plate due to the increase in plate diameter, has increased the produced during the braking torque, have the effect of increase the braking force, the pants need to match when the brake disc is larger wheels and wheel cylinder connecting bridge to cooperate. Money can also do more with less, rational in light of the shortcomings of the vehicle performance of reasonable modification, is the correct refitted method, for brake system we are careless.
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