take it easy on your brakes

by:JHY     2019-11-03
Winter driving in Michigan and Ohio usually masks the important feedback your car brake system can give you.
Noise from the heater, defrost or wiper may let you know-
The story makes a harsh or harsh sound.
New crisis-
A fallen performance may mask the click of a worn drum or rotor.
When you stop, you may think that a gradual pull to the left or right, or an unusual pedal feeling may be caused by a smooth or muddy road surface.
Don\'t wait too long to find out what serious problems may be.
Let your brakes rest.
Listen to what they tell you.
If you hear or feel any warning signals, please let ASE certified technicians conduct a professional inspection of your braking system at the service station or at the tire discount store.
Simply put, the brakes help to stop the vehicle by turning friction into heat, just as you rub the palm together on a cold morning.
When you apply pressure on the brake pedal, the liquid on the caliper in the disc brake assembly forces the fixed brake pads to rub and rotate the rotor and slow the vehicle down to stop.
In the drum brake assembly, the fluid to the mechanical piston pushes the stationary shoe to the inner surface of the rotating drum wheel and slows the vehicle down to stop.
Turning friction into heat is a hard and dirty job.
During normal driving, the braking temperature can reach 500 degrees, and can reach 1000 degrees F when suddenly or urgently stopped.
When brake parts and liquids overheat, they may lose some ability to operate effectively.
This is the so-called fading brake.
Overheating can also cause the brake fluid to evaporate and reduce the hydraulic pressure in the system, creating a soft sponge-like feeling when you apply the brake pressure.
Metal and semi-metal
Metal brake materials also wear and carbonize at high temperatures.
Tiny particles of brake dust can quickly cover the wheels to make them look dirty and dirty.
Fortunately, the rotors and drums are the biggest components of the brake system, they are designed to absorb heat and quickly dissipate heat through air on the way to the next stop.
Brakes are a very important safety feature that should be checked every 8,000 to 10,000 miles and replaced if necessary.
If the residual friction material on its steel pad is less than 1/8, the pad should be replaced.
The rotor and drum can be turned on the lathe to remove any scratches and provide a uniform grab surface for new pads or shoes.
When the minimum thickness of the rotor or drum reaches the limit stamped on the edge of the brake disc or drum, they should also be replaced.
However, if you notice or hear any information,
The story warning sign visits your local tire discount store and is professionally inspected by ASE certified technicians for your braking system.
Professional Brake Service certified technicians will check brake lining wear, thickness of rotor and drum, level of liquid, connecting hardware hose, etc to make sure when you are ready to stop, your brakes are ready to work.
If a pad or shoe needs to be replaced, they will install Bendix discs or shoes, machines and real rotors and drums, repackage wheel bearings, replace grease seals and drum hardware, road tests can also be carried out on your vehicle.
Bendix brake pads offer unparalleled quality and performance.
They may also install low
Dust-proof brake parts brake, favorite pro
Act special ceramic brake pads.
The akbono brakes are standard equipment on many of the world\'s highest rated cars.
If you\'re on the newer half
ASE certified technicians can also tell you if metal or quality ceramic pads and shoes are suitable for your vehicle.
Ceramic brake pads manage heat more effectively than metal or semi-metal brake pads, are more resistant to fading and wear longer
Metal brake pads that eliminate brake dust almost, so they also help to make your car and wheels look cleaner.
So don\'t wait until something goes wrong seriously.
Check the brake system every 8,000 to 10,000 miles.
Brake if you notice any warning signal you hear or feel.
Before paying for the replacement of the brake system, ask ASE certified technicians to conduct a professional inspection of your brake system for free.
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