stop safer, stop faster: a guide to car brakes

by:JHY     2019-11-05
Without a brake system, it is impractical for us to use a motor vehicle.
They help us to park and keep traction in case of emergency, they will also help you if you brake while turning.
But many people may not understand how they work or what it takes to stop a 2,000-pound weight. vehicle.
In the paragraph below, I will describe the basic components of the braking system, how it works, and how to improve the braking system.
While brake systems are highly engineered systems designed for safety and reliability, they are easy to understand what you know about components.
There are two main types of brakes on cars and trucks;
Disc brake system and disc/drum brake combination system.
The front wheel of the old car will be a disc brake, while the rear wheel will be a drum brake.
Most of the four wheels of modern vehicles have disc brakes, so I will focus mainly on this and will not cover drum brakes in this article.
Typical components of the disc brake system are: Pedals, master cylinders, hard brake lines, soft brake lines, brake calipers, brake pads and brake rotors.
Can also have secondary or reverse from cylinderLock Braking (ABS)
The same is true for components, but we will forget them now.
The brake pedal is clearly located inside the vehicle and the main cylinder is mounted on the firewall under the hood.
When you step on the brake pedal, it uses the master cylinder to pass the brake fluid through the brake line.
The brake line is connected to the main cylinder and runs to the brake calipers found on each wheel.
The brake calipers contain anywhere from 1 to 8 Pistons.
The brake fluid forces the piston to compress the brake pads onto the brake discs.
The brake rotor, also known as the brake disc, is attached to the hub attached to the axle.
So the brake pads are compressed to the rotor and create a lot of friction, which in turn slows you down.
Is your car no longer parked as it used to be?
I need speed and want to make sure you can stop as fast as you go?
Do you need to drag heavy loads with your truck now?
Here are some tips for improving the braking feel, response, and braking distance.
The brake feel can be defined as the feedback given to the driver by the brake system.
This feeling is passed through the pedal.
The biggest thing you can do to improve the feedback of the brake pedal is better brake fluid and stainless steel brake line.
All cars sold in the United States must have DOT 3 brake fluid;
This is standard. the-
The shelf liquid and rated DOT3 requirements meet the threshold boiling point.
If the brake fluid is boiling, your brakes will not work.
DOT3 is safe for most applications and is recommended for normal drivers.
If you like spirit drive, take part in road racing, or just want a better pedal feel, try using a DOT4 approved brake fluid.
It should give you a more solid pedal and higher performance, but be careful because DOT4 needs to be replaced more frequently than DOT3, which means higher vehicle maintenance costs.
You can also install stainless steel brake lines, which are not bent like rubber brake lines on most vehicles.
The reduction in Brakeline flex means an improvement in the braking feel.
Another good option to improve the braking feel is the main cylinder bracket, which further reduces the bending in the braking system.
The brake pads and rotors mainly affect the braking response.
Some brake pads are more than others;
People who bite faster respond better, but it is difficult to get along with each other in daily life.
Performance pads are a great option to improve the response, especially if the pads need to be replaced anyway.
The new brake rotor can also improve your reaction when you step down the pedal, but not as good as the performance brake pads.
When you brake frequently on the way down the hill, the rotor will really make a difference.
Thanks to better cooling and output, the new rotor allows your brake pads to maintain optimal performance for the duration
Inflatable technology.
It is important to realize that the brake feel and reaction have little to do with your parking distance.
Getting new brake pads, rotors, lines, and liquids can make the driver feel better and make parking safer for the vehicle, but this is almost no help helping you to park faster.
The only way to really achieve this if you want to shorten the parking distance is to use a large brake kit.
A large brake kit includes a larger diameter rotor, upgraded calipers and new brake pads.
Larger diameter rotors are the key components here because they give more leverage to the brake system to stop the wheels.
Large brake kits can be expensive and often require larger wheels to accommodate larger brakes, but time and investment are worth it if your goal is to shorten the braking distance.
I know it takes a lot of information, but the last thing you want to think about is one thing.
Your Tires do slow down your car and their grip is an important factor in your parking speed.
Make sure to invest in some decent tires to maximize your braking system and minimize parking distance.
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