Solutions to common pseudo-faults of automobiles

by:JHY     2020-02-26
Cars are like people, from time to time there will be 'fever and cold', just like daily life, not what the disease is going to the hospital. Many new car drivers also look at some minor faults of their cars in this way, but many times they often 'misdiagnosed' because they don't know the car, and the original small hair book is enlarged to replace the whole part, this is undoubtedly a waste of time and money. Then let's give a few examples that are often easily 'misdiagnosed' by drivers. Passengers in the back seat wanted to get off the bus, only to find that the door could not be opened. As a result, they gently pulled the handle from the door and opened it. Novice may think: Oh, no, it seems that the door lock is broken. In fact, this is just a child safety lock. In order to prevent children from accidentally opening the door from inside the car, many vehicles are equipped with child locks. If the device is accidentally activated, the rear door can only be opened from outside the car. In this case, just close the child lock. Some cars have their children's locks on the door handle of the rear door, and some cars have their locks on the side of the rear door, which can only be adjusted by opening the door. Some novices often envy that the air conditioner in other people's cars is so cool, and their cars drive the air conditioner to the maximum, at most, they just feel 'not too hot', and start the air conditioner every time in the sun, it will take a long time to cool down in the car. You probably ignored the function of the inner and outer circulation buttons. If the vehicle starts the air circulation inside and outside the air conditioner, the refrigeration effect will obviously decrease, but the advantage is that the air is fresher. On the contrary, if the air conditioning internal circulation is simply used, the refrigeration capacity will be greatly improved, but the disadvantage is the lack of internal and external air exchange and the air in the car is not fresh enough. When starting the vehicle, I was surprised to find that the car key could not be screwed or the steering wheel was stuck. In this case, don't think the car is broken and ask someone to repair it, because it is just the steering wheel lock of the vehicle. The steering wheel locks automatically after parking, which is a very common function on cars. Although compared with most electronic anti-theft devices, the steering wheel lock is primitive, for thieves, even if the car is successfully started, the steering wheel cannot rotate, so it still has a good anti-theft effect. Obviously, I felt quite comfortable when I bought a car. Why is it so hard to drive and hang now? And when sitting in someone else's car of the same style, I didn't feel so strong. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to check whether the tire pressure is too high. Tires are actually very important damping facilities on the car. When the tire pressure is appropriate, the tires can well absorb the bumps from the road surface, but if the tire pressure is not appropriate, especially if the tire pressure is too high, the tire loses its ability to absorb shock. There is another big problem that novices often have headaches, that is fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is the most important criterion to distinguish novice from veteran. The novice not only does not know enough about the route, but also does not know enough about the temperament of the vehicle. Driving a manual car, often driving at low speed or high speed, will have a great impact on the engine and fuel consumption. When driving an automatic car, the novice does not know how to use the depth of the throttle to control the gear. It is also reasonable that the fuel consumption remains high. The above situation may be rare in the driving process of the old driver, because after a long time of practice, you will have a deep understanding of the car, and each button knows what to use. However, it is inevitable that some new drivers will be nervous when they encounter this situation, which is due to their lack of understanding of the functions of their cars. There are many similar examples, which tells us not to be too nervous when encountering some surface faults. Perhaps it is just a small button that makes us make a wrong judgment.
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