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Signs Of Caliper Trouble


Pulling To One Side

A caliper that's binding up and not releasing can cause brake pads to drag, and the vehicle to pull to one side. When brakes are applied, the vehicle might pull noticeably toward the "good" side where grip is now stronger. Release the brake pedal, and you may notice a pull back toward the "bad" side that's still gripping because it hasn't released.

Uneven Pad Wear

Rusty or compromised slides or bushings may create a situation where a floating style caliper can't move freely and easily across its path of travel. As a result, brake pads will wear unevenly if proper contact isn't made when a caliper hangs up. Excessive wear on outer brake pads may result if brakes stick instead of releasing freely, since that side won't be pulled away from contact with the rotor. These specific problems are less of an issue with fixed brake calipers, since their position is completely stationary.

An example of uneven brake pad wear.

However, a fixed caliper may still see higher- or lower-than-normal wear on the side where a frozen piston is, depending on the position that the piston is stuck in. If it's jammed too far out, the pad on the bad side will wear more because it's always dragging against the rotor. If the piston is stuck too far in, the pad will wear less on the bad side because it never makes any contact with the rotor. In this case, you'll notice an unusual buildup of surface rust on the rotor which normally gets scrubbed off by the brake pad.

Brake Fluid Leakage

As we mentioned earlier, high heat levels and any corrosion from water buildup in the brake fluid will eventually cause rubber seals and boots around the caliper pistons to deteriorate and leak.

Shown here, a leaking disc brake caliper.

Depending on how bad a leak is, the affected caliper may or may not suffer from reduced braking pressure at that wheel - even if the pistons themselves move freely. When leakage reaches a certain point, any reduced pressure will cause the vehicle to pull away from the bad side when brakes are applied.

Of course, ANY brake fluid leakage is very dangerous, because if enough fluid leaks out, the vehicle may completely lose its hydraulic brake system.

Unusual Noise From The Brakes

If your vehicle's moving and you hear squealing or other frictional sounds from one of the wheels when brakes are not being applied, you've probably got a stuck caliper. If this is the case, the noise will probably go away temporarily during the time brakes are applied.

When stuck pistons are partially (but not fully) jammed in their cylinder bores, they may release in an unpredictable fashion. This can cause irregular levels of noise, grip, and it will likely cause some pulling. 

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