Seven bad habits to avoid when driving a manual car

by:JHY     2020-02-15
Many drivers of manual transmission models are either trying to save trouble or because novices are not used to shifting gears on the road, that is, when the speed of the vehicle is raised to a higher level and the vehicle has a jitter of mismatch between the speed and the speed of the vehicle, still keep the original gear unchanged. In fact, this low-gear high-speed approach increases the engine load and causes great damage to the engine. Drive can't lazy to according to the speed field shift. According to enrui's brake caliper, some drivers are used to stepping on the clutch with their left foot while driving, thinking that this can better maintain the control of the vehicle, but in fact, this practice is extremely harmful to clutch plates. Especially when the vehicle runs at high speed, the semi-clutch state for a long time will make the clutch plate wear quickly. When driving at ordinary times, we can always see that some impatient car owners are busy shifting gears when the clutch is not stepped on to the end, which not only makes it difficult to accurately hang up the gears, but also operates in this way for a long time, the gearbox of manual transmission is a fatal injury. Although the automatic gear model does not have the problem of stepping on the clutch and shifting gears, many drivers hurriedly hang up the P gear when the vehicle does not stop completely, and the gearbox is also difficult to withstand the situation that the vehicle condition does not match the operation. It is usually difficult to observe the shock absorber, spring and suspension of the vehicle, but they are also vulnerable components of the vehicle. Slow down in advance when crossing the ditch and crossing the bank, instead of letting the vehicle rush abruptly, this is not only to ensure ride comfort, but also to protect the shock absorber, spring and suspension. Many car owners jumped on the horse road and wanted to show their superb driving skills. In fact, maybe the shock absorption or spring of the vehicle will no longer cooperate with your operation. The flash of the vehicle light makes the owner feel good about himself. As everyone knows, frequent switching increases the probability of damage to the combined switch. Because when the switch is turned on, the current through the switch contact is much higher than usual, and the spark may burn the contact when it is ignited in a semi-jointed and semi-separated state. When the temperature is low in winter, the nozzle is frozen, the owner should not force the glass water. This will only suppress the water pump. The owner can wait for the car to start, the temperature of the vehicle will come up, and the frozen nozzle will be thawed before spraying water. The same is true of wipers, which cannot achieve the desired cleaning effect. There have been many reminders about tires, but one thing to note is that the side of the tire is the thinnest, so car owners should pay special attention to protecting the side of the tire when going up the steps or crossing the road, don't rub to the side while the front does not collide. The side collision is more destructive than the front. Many vehicle glass electric switches do not work or the window glass cannot be lifted in place, which is also related to mistakes in daily operation. When using the electric glass lifter to lift the glass, when the glass drops to the end or rises to the top, it must be released in time, otherwise it will compete with the mechanical parts of the vehicle, and the motor will naturally have to destroy itself. Experienced old drivers said that when controlling the speed, they should use more gears, foresee as soon as possible, shift gears frequently and use less braking. Especially when going downhill, let the engine brake, occasionally supplemented by braking, do not step on the brake downhill, which can protect the brake pad. Reminder: beginners should learn to listen with their ears instead of looking at them with their eyes, which is both safe and easy. Try to learn to listen to the sound of the engine during driving to grasp the timing of gear shifting. First, carefully understand the sound of the engine of the car at different speeds. After getting familiar with it, press the sound to increase the speed, the sound is low and the principle of gear reduction should be used.
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