remove the abnormal sound on disc brake

by:JHY     2019-10-30
The advantage of the disc brake is that the brake performance is good, the operation is flexible, and there is no need to check and adjust regularly.
More and more motorcycles are starting to use disc brakes.
Motorcycle gears and disc brakes are important for motorcycles.
But in the process of using the disc brake, there will be some abnormal sound.
When driving a motorcycle, the brake pads will friction with the brake discs from time to time, resulting in harsh abnormal noise.
Then you need to lift the parking rack, press the seat, lift the front wheel from the ground, turn the front wheel with your hand, you will clearly hear the abnormal noise caused by the friction between the motorcycle brake pads and the brake discs, to make matters worse, it will be difficult for you to turn the front wheel.
According to the working principle of the disc brake, when holding the brake handle, the brake assembly will make the brake fluid get pressure, and the brake fluid pushes the brake piston to move in the axial direction, then the brake pads and rotor clips on the brake pads and brake pads will relax the pressure on the brake pads and release the brake force.
That is to say, during the normal operation of the disc brake, there will be no friction between the brake pad and the brake pad, and the piston seal will produce elastic deformation.
When the brake handle is released, the pressure of the brake fluid disappears, the piston is no longer affected by the brake fluid, the piston seal will restore the original shape, and the piston will return to the original position by moving the brake disc axial.
The reset of the brake piston depends on the elasticity of the piston seal.
If the axial movement resistance of the piston caused by the piston rust or dust is greater, the elasticity of the seal is not enough to return the piston to its original position, and then the brake pads will create friction with the brake discs.
Therefore, in order to eliminate the abnormal sound of the brake, it is necessary to ensure that the piston can perform axial movement flexibly.
First remove the dirt and rust on the surface of the piston, and then place the lubricating oil there, which helps the piston move flexibly.
The specific steps are as follows.
First, remove the disc brake, remove the brake pads, swing the brake handle, let the bearing piston move in the axial direction around 5mm, and remove rust and dust on the surface of the piston.
Then, place the lubricating oil on the surface of the piston and use a screwdriver to bring the piston back to its original position.
Repeat these steps a few times and when it\'s easy to put the piston back in place, eventually bring the disc brake back to normal use.
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