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Rebuilding vs. Replacing Calipers


Crown Disc Brake Caliper Piston Seal Kit

The Disc Brake Caliper Piston and Seal Kit is just one of many replacement piston seal kits we offer.

Powerstop Autospecialty OE Replacement Caliper

The OE Replacement Caliper.

In the old days, shops would rebuild worn-out calipers using new pistons, seals, guide pins, pin sleeves, guide pin covers & boots, and other items. The practice isn't so common any more because labor time has increased to the point where customers don't see the value in it. Plus, there's always the risk of a comeback if everything isn't installed in a meticulous, perfectly correct fashion. Today, it's more economical to install replacement calipers when old ones become too compromised to do their job. However, if new or remanufactured calipers are not available for your particular vehicle, then it's a good idea to check for the parts to have them rebuilt. 

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