Novice car repair tips

by:JHY     2020-02-20
You must choose a reliable repair shop to repair the car. This reliable main index includes quality (Technical level, service quality), Price, scale (Reliability, after-sales service, quality assurance cycle), Claims, etc. According to enrui's automobile brake caliper, there is no room for bargaining in general large-scale maintenance factories. We often say that the store is a big bully: The factory is a big one, and the momentum is big. Although a large factory does not mean that all aspects are good, at least there is a certain guarantee in terms of scale and technical strength. Although the price of the roadside store is very cheap, it is often difficult to solve the problem. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose a regular auto repair shop. Although the charge is a little more than that of the roadside store, the charge will bring a very safe and long-term quality commitment to the owner, this is a very good thing. When making an appointment with the repairer for maintenance work, it is necessary to describe the faults of the car as detailed and clear as possible so as to obtain the guidance of the technicians of the repairer. Through communication with the business personnel of the maintenance factory, we can not only find the quality of the staff of the maintenance factory, but also understand the technical level of the maintenance technicians of the factory: an excellent maintenance technician should never tire of asking about the conditions of the failure, which is very detailed, because only in this way can it be conducive to the judgment of the cause of the failure. On the contrary, perfunctory, hastily ended communication, the accuracy of its fault handling is questionable. Before the repair, you must first adjust your mentality. Generally, when the car is out of order, it will affect your emotions more or less. With unhealthy emotions, it will affect your judgment, this is especially true for car repair. In addition, before sending for repair, we must know something about the basic technical situation of the car we drive, for example, what brand of fuel oil, what brand of oil, what brand of antifreeze and their driving and vehicle driving characteristics. The owner had better confirm and record the mileage of the vehicle, the approximate position of the petrol meter pointer, the appearance of the vehicle, the spare tire and tools, etc. together with the repair shop. Be sure to take away the valuables in the car to avoid disputes. Generally, after we buy a new car, the manufacturer will recommend some 4S special maintenance stations to us. Since these maintenance stations are professional service stations of the brand, the hardware facilities are indeed better, accessories also come from the original factory, which is one of the reasons why we choose 4S maintenance station. But the more important reason is that the new car User Manual stipulates that if the owner does not carry out maintenance at the maintenance station designated by the manufacturer during the warranty period, it is deemed to automatically waive the warranty claim right. Therefore, if your car has not yet been out of warranty, you must go to the 4S store designated by the manufacturer for routine maintenance, and the repair should be the same, so as not to become the manufacturer's exemption after the problem occurs. However, the after-sales service stations authorized by the manufacturers also have good points. Therefore, when we come to a maintenance station, the more mature approach is not to conduct business transactions with it immediately, but to calm down, sit in the rest area and take a closer look and listen. It is mainly to observe the communication between other car owners and repair stations, or to understand the necessary information through other customers. In addition, the key parts of the car must use the original parts; No matter what accessories are used, be sure to let the repair shop indicate on the repair certificate after completion.
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