new yamaha fzs-fi launched with rear disc brake

by:JHY     2019-12-14
New Delhi: 10th anniversary of India Yamaha Motor FZ Series (IYM)
FZS announced on Friday-
FI with rear disc brake.
The price of the new model is RS 86,042, which provides better braking performance (ex-Exhibition Hall in Delhi).
Bicycles with 220mm rear disc brakes are around 3,000 rupees more expensive than standard models, as well as new motion-grade alloy wheels and mirrors.
In addition, the version provides a new \"armada blue\" color scheme with modified graphics.
No other updates for the new Yamaha FZS-
FI and it continue to use the same 282mm front disc brakes, a strong 41mm front fork, a rear single impact suspension and a 140 tire for meat, which also adds value to the leading design of the motorcycle.
Commenting on the launch, Roy Kurian, senior vice president of Sales and marketing at Sales m, said that the Yamaha FZ series\'s legacy in India is all about inheriting unique motorcycle passions.
\"In the past 10 years since the launch of India, Indian bicycle enthusiasts have been very popular and won millions of hearts, crowned as\" King of the Streets \"by the collective culture of the country\'s motorcycles \".
He added: \"While its best-selling features, such as structure and appearance, excellent engine technology, fuel mileage and suspension, are all retained, the new add-on will inspire the present
Updated Yamaha FZS-
FI keeps the same 149cc, air-
Cooling engine based on the company\'s blue core technology.
The technology claims that the engine provides higher combustion efficiency, better cooling and lower power loss, which is said to result in optimal performance and improved fuel economy.
A fuel-injected motor with a five-
Speed gearbox with 13.
Power of 2PS and 12. 8Nm of torque.
Yamaha FZ competes with models such as Suzuki Gixxer and Honda CB Hornet r, which already have the rear disc brake option on the market.
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