Modification: why do you want to choose professional brake pads?

by:JHY     2020-04-06
The working principle of the brake is mainly from the friction, the use of brake pads and brake disc ( Drum) And tyre friction with the ground, and convert the kinetic energy of vehicle travel into friction heat, will the car to stop, a set of efficient braking system must be able to provide a stable and good enough, can control the braking force, and has good hydraulic transmission and heat capacity, to ensure that the driver from the brake pedal force applied by the fully effective to total pump and the pump, and the failure and avoid high fever caused by the hydraulic braking recession. In practice, many cyclists may not know the professional brake and ordinary brake on the price difference. Because normally, we are a professional brake don't understand. Professional brake skin, usually for car use environment and the type of car is very clear. According to the using field can cover to the aerospace, mining, construction, military industry, motorcycle, cars and heavy trucks, and so on. According to the competition models can provide time trial/club racing car, racing, ring hard surfaces, linear club RACES, off-road racing, mud ring track, formula and rally car and so on. Below small make up take you to understand, the basic construction of professional brake pads below powder coating & amp; Zinc dichromate coating: brake on both sides of the shell can be highly anti-corrosion, dichromate on each plate will be plated zinc plating, then by air level high temperature resistance and anti electrostatic powder coating encapsulate friction materials, friction material selection of the world's top material, ensure the braking force and surface preparation persistence: diamond surface through special processing and smoothness to prepare for better contact with the brake disc surface groove type friction: groove type design first friction increases the flexibility, at the same time helping to eliminate friction of clastic machine maintain system: special internal structure, hundreds of thousands of small hook shape directly to the friction material, make the connection strength and shear strength unmatched liner layer: in the joint, brake pads in into a special kind of liner materials, produced a miniature heat insulation layer, in turn increase the bonding strength of metal backboard: joint original equipment design, improve intensity of crooked hot connection piece: separate engineering gaskets, metal surface coated with rubber coating, restrain the effect of braking noise, at the same time, effectively eliminate stratified cant brake pads: good to eliminate noise and vibration, improving brake experience to choose the brake pads need to check the four details. First, the coefficient of friction, the friction coefficient of decision basic brakes brake torque, too much can cause in the process of braking wheel lock, direction and burning out of control, and low braking distance is too long; 2 depends on security, brake pads in the brake will produce instantaneous high temperature, especially in the high speed or emergency braking, the high temperature condition, friction lining friction coefficient will decline; Three see whether comfortable, including brake feeling, noise, dust, smoke, odor, etc. , is the direct embodiment of friction performance; 4 see life, usually occurring at least can guarantee the service life of 30000 km. A professional brake pad basic elements and requirements, this shows how important it is to choose good a brake pad. For professional cyclists, the stand or fall of the brake skin directly affect vehicle handling, safety and the driver's confidence. When we in the choice, should be more careful. Not only to choose the corresponding models of brake pads, at the same time, we also should pay attention to its quality and brake experience. Therefore, when we will be sure to choose the professional brake skin, especially for the braking system doesn't know a friend, more careful to choose rational choice to listening to the advice of professionals and institutions.
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