methods to correct damaged bike disc brakes

by:JHY     2019-12-02
Are you a mountain bike enthusiast?
Even if you don\'t, if you use a disc brake (
This began to become normal)
Then it is possible for you to bend your disc brake rotor.
Continue to read and discover how to fix the bending problem.
Only when a person is working properly will they stop him!
Mountain bikes produced these days are rarely installed.
Can you guess what I\'m talking about?
Disc brake.
Disc brakes have been around for a long time, but for a simple reason they are becoming the preferred brake for dirt paths; they work well.
Unfortunately, however, if you ride enough bicycles, you may be forced to do some repairs to them.
A very simple but very effective way to fix damaged brakes is discussed below to help you ride your bike again. Challenge -
They are very exposed!
One of the main reasons for the easy damage of disc brakes is the rotor (
Which disk is the brake pad locked on)
Sit next to your tires and wait to be hit and bent.
It\'s easy (I found out)
To bend one, let the scream start once it is bent.
By letting the compact brake pads (
Hidden in metal case)
Press the metal rotor attached to the tire to slow down.
The metal rotor has enough space to enter the brake pad housing.
There is almost any small bend on your rotor and you rub the brake pads.
The sound of friction will intensify, but what\'s worse is that you are now riding part of the brake on a continuous drive, because the rotor will automatically rub the disc.
Slight bending can be fixed quickly, so let\'s start fixing.
This is the fix you have been waiting for, you have to cancel from you
Connecting the brake case (
Usually on your fork).
For this stage, a hex key is required to remove the shell mounting bolts.
Once the bolt is removed, your brake case is lifted from the frame.
Get a plastic zip tie and fix it on the fork so that the end will protrude onto your rotor (
It will be used as a make shift depth meter).
Use your plastic tie belt as a depth gauge, rotate your tires and observe the gap between your rotor and the belt (
You\'re looking for a gap).
When you turn your wheels, you will definitely get a fairly obvious picture of your rotor bending off the route.
Once you find all of these off-alignment areas, simply take an adjustable wrench and steadily bend the rotor in the area that needs to be readjustedshaping.
Once this part is re-
Bend, you will have to re-run your tires over and over again
The test rotor is aligned with the plastic tie.
Continue to bend the rotor steadily and you will find that it will revert to tight alignment as before damage.
When you are satisfied with the positioning of your repair rotor, the only thing left is to cut off the plastic pull chain and re-
Install the bolt that connects the brake housing to the fork.
Now that the brake pads are back on the bike again, the rotating tire does not actually create any friction between the brake pads and the rotor.
Once you have repaired the damaged rotor, you should step back and be happy with a good job and go out and give it a try.
The previous method is very simple to learn and a good thing, because if you ride a lot of trails, then you have a great chance to use it more than once.
It shouldn\'t be a difficulty for you because you know what to do now, right?
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