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by:JHY     2019-11-15
Meritor, Inc.
Registered in March 31, 2000 as a supplier of a range of integrated systems, modules and components to OEMs (OEMs)
As well as the after-sales market of commercial vehicles, transportation and industrial sectors.
The company\'s market segments include commercial trucks and industries as well as after-sales markets and trailers.
The commercial truck and industrial sector provides power systems and components for medium trucks, including axles, power systems, and braking and suspension systemsand heavy-
Truck off work
Highways, military, construction, bus and coach, fire and emergency as well as other applications in North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
The commercial truck and industrial sector also includes the company\'s after-sales operations in Asia Pacific and South America.
After-sales market and trailer division commercial vehicle after-sales market customers in North America and Europe provide axle, brake, transmission system, suspension parts and other replacement and re-manufactured parts.
Aftermarket and trailer departments also offer a wide range of Chassis products and systems for trailer applications in North America.
The company provides services to commercial trucks, trailers, military, bus and coach, construction and other manufacturers of industrial raw equipment and certain after-sales markets.
Its main products are axle, chassis, transmission system, brake and brake system.
It caters to a range of customers around the world, includingand heavy-
Manufacturer of truck original equipment, manufacturer of special vehicles, certain after-sales market and trailer manufacturer.
The company\'s truck axle product line includes a range of front steering axles and rear drive shafts.
Its front steering and rear drive shafts can be equipped with Cam, wedge or air disc brakes, automatic slack regulators, complete wheels-
Terminal equipment such as hub, rotor, drum, and (
Joint venture through its MeritorWABCO)anti-
Lock brake system (ABS)
Vehicle Stability Control system.
It has heavy supply
Working axles in certain global regions for many non-
Road vehicle applications including construction, material handling and mining.
It also provides axles for military tactical wheeled vehicles mainly in North America.
Besides, it has other
Road vehicle products being developed in other areas.
It also provides axles for buses, buses and leisure vehicles, fire engines and other specialty vehicles in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.
It produces heavy duty
Heavy trailer axle in North America.
As of October 2, 2016, its trailer axle is available for almost all heavy-duty trailer applications with capacity ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 pounds, with over 40 models and a range of suspension modules, brake products, including drum brake, disc brake,
Lock and trailer stability control system and ABS (
Joint venture through its MeritorWABCO).
The company offers universal joint and transmission system components, including its Permalube universal joint and RPL Permalube transmission system, a permanent lubrication design that is frequently used in high mileagehighway market.
It provides transmission systems in multiple regions around the world for many online devices
Road vehicle applications including construction, material handling and mining.
It provides transfer boxes and drive devices for military tactical wheeled vehicles mainly in North America.
It also provides transfer boxes for special vehicles in North America. Anti-
Lock braking and stability control systems are also used for military vehicles and special vehicles.
It also offers trailer air suspension systems and products.
It also offers advanced suspension modules for lighting, medium-and heavy-
Military tactical wheeled vehicles mainly on duty in North America.
Through its manufacturing plants in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, the company produces a range of base air brakes as well as automatic slack regulators for brake systems.
Its basic air brake products include a cam drum brake, which provides lining life and can be exchanged for tractors/trailers;
Wedge drum brake, light weight, automatic adjustment of internal wear;
Air Disc brakes provide manageable stop distance and fade resistance for demanding applications, as well as wheels-
Terminal components such as hub, drum and rotor.
Its brake and brake system components are also used in military tactical wheeled vehicles, mainly in North America.
It also provides brakes for buses, buses and leisure vehicles, fire engines and other specialty vehicles in North America and Europe.
It also provides brakes for commercial vehicles, buses and buses in the Asia-Pacific region.
The company sells other complementary products through its after-sales market distribution channels, including third-party and private label products.
These products are usually sold under a master distribution or similar agreement with an external supplier, including brake shoes and friction materials;
Automatic slack regulator;
Yokes and shaft; wheel-
End the hub and drum;
ABS and stability control system;
Shock absorbers, air springs, air brakes, air systems, air dryers and compressors.
Other supporting products of the company include: moving box, special gearbox, auxiliary transmission and power transmission device (PTOs)
For medium, heavy and overweight vehiclesand off-
Industrial applications such as roads, buildings, national defense, railways, etc.
The company competes with Dana Holdings.
, Daimler Truck North America, ZF fridges shafen, John Deere, Dicks/Knoll Knorr buddy AxleTech International, Oshkosh, AM, United States of America-
Knoll Herrington Kessler.
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2135 W Maple Leaf RdTROY MI 48084-7121P: +1248. 4351000F: 1248.
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