Matters needing attention in winter car maintenance

by:JHY     2020-02-27
Rain, snow and cooling weather not only frozen the big guys, but also some cars. During the season, cars and people are as prone to 'health' problems. Therefore, it is urgent to carry out targeted winter maintenance for vehicles. Normal use of the car, not overspeed, overload, avoid rapid acceleration, as far as possible to drive at a constant speed. Regular maintenance. It is reported that facts have proved that the maintenance of the car is very important to the emission quality of the car. Some cars have qualified emissions when they leave the factory, but there will be such and such problems in the process of use, requiring maintenance to keep their cars in a good running state. If the maintenance is not timely, it will lead to more pollution due to high emissions. For example, check the ignition system of the car frequently, find leakage in time, check the resistance valve, check the air pipe, use a clean filter, avoid burning engine oil, avoid using low-grade lubricating oil, etc. Repair OBD system in time after failure. The effect of annual vehicle inspection on controlling vehicle emissions is limited. However, after the car is installed with OBD, it is completely different. It can monitor the emission level of the car at any time. If the emission is not up to standard, OBD will issue a warning and notify the driver to repair it in time. The most important thing in ou iii is to use OBD. Select green tire '. The so-called 'green tires' are also called environmentally friendly tires or low-pollution tires. 'Green' is mainly manifested in keeping low resistance when tires roll without losing its original good grip performance, thus reducing fuel consumption and vehicle exhaust emissions and effectively protecting the environment. As early as the 1990s S, tire engineers found that if special treated silica was used to replace traditional carbon black as a reinforcing material for tread rubber, it can not only reduce the pollution of air caused by carcinogenic substances such as carbon black and aromatic oil in tires through tire wear, but also reduce the rolling resistance of tires, reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, and produce greater environmental protection effects. Do not decorate the car at will; No inferior car perfume or air freshener; In case of serious traffic jam, or when the vehicle may follow the exhaust emission exceeding the standard, the window should be closed and the air conditioner and warm air switch should be adjusted to the self-circulation mode inside the vehicle; Always check whether the engine cover and chassis are leaking. When it is found that there is exhaust gas leakage in the car, it is not appropriate to turn on the air conditioner, let alone sleep in the car with the air conditioner on, so as to avoid danger; When the air conditioner is in use, it will absorb a lot of dust and form dirt. After a long time, Mildew will occur, and then it will be emitted to the car through the air conditioner. It is easy to inhale in the car. Every once in a while, turn the air conditioner to the maximum gear, and blow for half an hour to effectively prevent dust accumulation; Pay attention to remove the items near the air inlet to ensure normal air circulation, etc. The common sense of car maintenance in winter helps your car to survive the severe cold safely, but some matters needing attention are easily ignored by many car owners. A few days ago, in 4S shops or maintenance agencies, many consumers have carried out winter tests for their cars. According to the suggestions of vehicle maintenance technical experts, some precautions for vehicle maintenance in winter have been sorted out, hoping to bring reference to more vehicle owners. Conclusion: Winter is coming soon. Some car owners think they don't think it is necessary. In fact, when there is a danger, it is because there is no necessary inspection and maintenance of the vehicle that there will be problems. Especially in the winter in the north, the requirements for the use of vehicles have also increased exponentially. Therefore, it is most important to be prepared and have a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle before winter to make travel safer.
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