Maintenance and repair of calipers

by:JHY     2020-03-30
General calipers maintenance: brake caliper is a security key. JHY advising clients to regular inspection and maintenance of the brake caliper to maintain the best performance of calipers. Caliper should be cleaned with soap and water. Please don't use gasoline, any cleaner or lubricant oil, because it will damage the seal ring. When replace the sealing ring parts should be in the brake oil soaked for 30 minutes to install. Racing calipers/track maintenance: when the car stopped, lower the temperature in the 'soaked' ( Don't in the car just stop, for example, the brake disc was a hot to continue on the brake pedal Because this will lead to calipers overheating. Often up to 200 ℃ temperature calipers to after each race track in the new sealing ring. Intermittent temperature above 200 ℃ to 220 ℃ or run the calipers to change new sealing ring as soon as possible. Tightening torque recommended: M6 and 1/4 unf fixed bolt = 18 nm brake M4 abutment screw ( Using loctite 242 glue) = 3 nm tubing nut ( Using loctite 648 glue inside the tubing nut, with 7649 catalyst) = 24 nmcp6300 calipers hydraulic quick connector = 13 nm ( You can use the loctite 270 glue) Hydraulic quick connector = 4 nm deflated screw = 17 nm please note: when tightening, if excessive torsion or not enough, there are may lead to a brake fluid leak or affect the performance of caliper effect.
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