Maintain the braking system of maintenance in summer

by:JHY     2020-04-07
Summer is the season of greatest vehicle failure, the high temperature let originally hidden small problem of infinite put big, brake system problem. So, completes the prevention work, usually pay attention to the maintenance of the braking system, is each driver or motorists will do homework. Prevention first, regularly check the maintenance of car brake system and braking system is mainly composed of a pickup truck brake oil transfer braking force, and large pneumatic brake system will be used on passenger cars and heavy trucks. For different braking systems have different maintenance methods. No matter any braking systems are ultimately by the brake disc ( Disc) Or brake shoe ( Drum) Complete the braking effect. So to check the thickness of the brake pad or brake shoe. When found its thickness is close to or less than the smallest thickness required by manufacturers should be replaced immediately. Check brake pads at the same time, also check the brake disc and brake drum wear, such as the contact surface dent to disc or drum light in time to ensure that contact with the brake pad area to improve braking force. Often only on the braking system for maintenance and maintenance to ensure the normal work of the braking system, to ensure the safety of driving. In the summer, rely on hydraulic braking system to pay attention to the adequacy of the brake fluid. The brake fluid is car braking system critical safety supplies, use the old brake fluid can easily lead to brake system failure in an emergency. Car manufacturers of brake fluid replacement cycle is generally for 2 years, but did not follow this principle in the process of the actual vehicle. In the use of two or three years in a row or longer under the condition of no exception, many owners for the brake fluid replacement cycle period and regardless. But because of the high temperature in summer, all sorts of liquid are easier to evaporation, the brake fluid is not exceptional also, so in the summer the owner should be timely to shorten the cycle of the brake fluid replacement. Ensure that the brake fluid is enough. In addition, the identification of the brake fluid can continue to use, if use the traditional discriminant method, according to the color, taste, far cannot satisfy the actual needs. Accurate method is through the detection of brake fluid and the boiling point of water content. New brake fluid has high boiling point, usually at about 260 ℃. And there are a lot of the cause of the brake fluid bibulous, such as the hot weather, use frequency of braking system, brake system using design pattern, the condition of the quality of the brake system components, vehicle driving road conditions as well as the type of brake fluid, etc. As long as the inhaled water reached 2. 5%, they need to replace a new brake fluid. Also suggest that regular use professional cleaning and maintenance products to maintain the braking system of a MK braking system of cleaning and maintenance products in the United States IGB company produces the latest environmental protection energy-saving new products, is divided into four categories: 1, the brake disc cleaner - K 4604 - 1 the accord with environmental protection of the special solvent fluorine carbon, is avirulent environmental protection formula, quickly clean brake disc wheel cylinder cup, the sludge on the brake disc, brake drum and brake pad dust, etc. , make the brake disc heat dissipation is good. Does not contain hydrochloric acid, chloride HFCS, aromatic carbide, etc. , and can prevent the formation of asbestos powder, affectation of corrosion on the pumps cup points. K - 2, brake wheel cylinder lubricant 4604 - 2 is the latest formula, environmental protection and energy saving products. This product can restore and maintain pump soft cup, delay the ageing of the skin bowl speed; Used to eliminate brake noise and noise prevention brake heat killed, corrosion prevention brake system and prevent the erosion of water and salt, keep good lubrication durability ( Used for brake pad metal on the back) Especially suitable for ABS braking system, HT1400 excluding metal components) 。 This product has excellent bearing capacity under the high temperature carbonization, coking not loss, and excellent high temperature lubricity, naisuanjian corrosion and corrosion of metal parts, can be used for lubrication, guide pin, guarantee the normal work of the brake system, temperature tolerance range - the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius 40 - 1400 degrees. 3, wheel rims anti-rust lubricant - K 4604 - 3 this product can effectively prevent the brake disc and the rim contact surface rust, wheel hub with a fixed screw hole corrosion and killed. This product is high temperature resistant and good lubricity, strong persistence, can effectively protect the wheel hub of the contact surface. 4, the wheel hub lubrication protectant K - 4606 - 4 this product used for wheel hub center lubrication, protection of the brake system to work properly, ensure the wheel in the center position, effectively prevent the wheel unbalance wandering, jump shaking etc. , which endanger the safety of the vehicle traffic accidents. This product is heat-resistant range - the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius 40 - 300 degrees.
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