Life is controlled by oneself, and car safety parts are properly maintained

by:JHY     2020-02-17
The majority of car owners pay special attention to the surface and interior of the car when maintaining the car at ordinary times. After all, it is the place they often see, however, it takes a long time for some key parts of the car to be replaced once or infrequently, so these components that are not paid much attention to at ordinary times will be ignored. In fact, these parts are the places that car owners should pay attention. It is understood that if the amount of brake fluid is insufficient, air will enter and the brake will become insensitive. Therefore, it is best to check the height of brake fluid level regularly every month, and pay attention to whether the liquid level of brake fluid has obviously decreased and whether the quality has deteriorated. If so, it should be added or replaced in time. The storage tank of brake fluid is made of translucent resin. If the jar is dirty, just wipe it with a cloth and a simple visual inspection can be carried out. The brake fluid should reach the baseline of the storage tank. If the brake fluid is greatly reduced compared with the previous inspection, the possibility of failure is very high and leakage may occur. At the same time, the manual gear car is equipped with a clutch, which also needs to pay attention to its liquid volume, if the liquid volume decreases and enters the air, it can not be effectively braked. Brake shoes and brake discs have a service life and must be replaced when they wear to a certain extent. Generally in cities (Quotation, picture parameters) In driving, the service life of the brake disc is about 50000 kilometers, and the service life of the brake shoe is about 30000 kilometers, but the specific situation depends on the operation of the owner. It is best to check the brake shoes every 10000 kilometers. The brake fluid should be changed every 50000 kilometers. If you drive in humid areas for a long time, the oil change period should be shortened appropriately. It is very likely that the brake fluid pipe will be touched when the vehicle is supporting the bottom; When braking, the car obviously deviates to the left or right; Press the brake pedal to the end, but the braking effect is not obvious, and the effect of continuously stepping on the brake pedal is not improved. After supporting the bottom of the vehicle, step on the brake and get off the bus to check whether the oil pipe is deformed or leaking oil; The deviation of the car is caused by the unsynchronized braking of the front wheel, which is easy to cause accidents due to the braking left, especially when driving at high speed, the brake adjustment must be carried out at the repair shop immediately; The weak braking effect may be because the braking system is mixed with gas and needs to be repaired at a professional maintenance station; If there are problems such as too soft pedals and too long stroke, attention should also be paid to the maintenance point for inspection. In addition, after long-distance driving, the braking system should be carefully checked to check whether there are bumps, damages and leaks in the braking pipeline, because when the vehicle is running at high speed, the splashed Stones hit the brake fluid pipe of the chassis, which will cause the brake fluid leakage or brake failure. For example, the brake fluid pipe will also cause the brake failure of a single wheel after being flattened. Determine the working position of the handbrake handle. Generally speaking, when the handle is pulled to 3/4 of the whole stroke, the hand brake system should be in the normal braking position. This working point should be found first, which can be determined by counting the sound of ratchet, generally 5 ~ Between 7 grids is the normal position. Then check the efficiency of the handbrake mechanism, that is, to see if the handbrake can work effectively. Drive the car to a slope with a large slope and a good road condition, step on the brake pedal, hang the neutral gear, and pull the handbrake handle to the working point just determined. Slowly release the brake pedal, if the car does not slip, it means that the handbrake is good. It is reported that check the sensitivity of the handbrake, which is very important for the slope. Drive slowly on the gentle Road, slowly lift the handbrake handle, and feel the sensitivity and joint point of the handle. If it is found that the braking efficiency or sensitivity of the handbrake is not ideal enough, it can be solved by adjusting the pull wire of the handbrake.
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