lac-mégantic: rail officials face tough questions

by:JHY     2019-11-25
Lake Mexico, QUE. —
When officials look for relics and clues on the ruins of the Quebec town, the issue is pending.
Don Ross, Chief Transport Safety Board investigator, confirmed the runaway train, which will reach Nantes at 11. m. on Friday.
The railway traffic controller was called. m.
The engine shut down at midnight because of a fire.
Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday morning, Ross said the focus was on the live blog of mobileA Montreal, Maine and Atlantic employees, the company\'s chairman said, a \"tracker\" hit firefighters as they left the scene.
Ross could not say what the title of the employee was, but confirmed that it was not an engineer who drove the train into Nantes.
The train began downhill towards Lac.
Mexico at 12: 56. m.
Saturday morning, Rose said.
It derailed at 1: 14 in the morning. m.
Triggered a series of explosions that destroyed the city center of the 6,000-person community.
So far, 13 deaths have been confirmed.
They were not confirmed.
In general, about 50 people were missing.
\"It\'s a complex investigation, as we all know,\" Ross said . \".
He said that the TSB is in the first of the three phases of the survey, with a focus on data collection.
\"There is a lot of information to verify.
Ross says there is no signal in the orbital part from Nantes to Lac
A train is driving and will alert railway traffic controllers.
\"Rail traffic controllers don\'t know there\'s a train out of control,\" Ross said . \".
Investigators have limited access to the blast site, he said, but as the situation becomes more stable, changes are expected. Related:Lac-
The death toll from the Megantic train explosion has risen to 13 people. The prosperity of railway oil transportation lies in unsafe tankers. The train stayed on the main track in Nantes, not on the side board, and Ross said, or \"quit\" for the second time, but he couldn\'t say whether it was important or not.
\"Why do companies use the main track in this case. . .
We don\'t have all the answers yet.
\"He was unable to confirm that the company claimed that someone had tampered with the train after it was left unattended on the tracks of Nantes, which is about 12 kilometers from Lac Mégantic, between two shifts.
He said the TSB is still investigating the company\'s procedures for ensuring train safety, the braking system, and the contents of the car.
Ed berkhart, chairman of Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Rail, said engineers followed the appropriate procedures to set up the main air brake system and several handbrakes before he left.
In order to maintain the braking system, a locomotive unit was left to run, Burkhardt said.
\"Everything should be like this,\" he said . \".
Burkhardt said the fire department shut down the engine in order to put out the fire, which caused the brakes to fail after about an hour.
The train began to die and then went downhill into town.
13 people were confirmed dead and as many as 50 were missing.
\"It was it that shut down the engine,\" Burkhardt said . \".
Fire Captain Patrick Lambert told the media before being ordered not to talk to reporters that when the fire department left, company officials were on site and assured them that everything was OK.
On Monday morning, Lac-
Dennis Lawson, the fire chief at megentic, seems to have refuted Burkhardt\'s claim that engineer Tom Harding had moved some cars to a safe place, he said, it was one of his volunteer firefighters who worked in a company that was employed to drag train carriages along the tracks, asking as many train carriages as possible to stay away from the explosion to prevent them from catching up with the fire.
\"They are my firemen,\" said Lawson . \"
Burkhardt was unable to reach the comments for that Tuesday immediately.
Burkhardt says the handbrake on some cars is not enough to stop the train once the main brake system fails.
Experts are confused about how this happened.
Wally Kirkpatrick, rules and operations manager for RTC rail solutions, said the safety rules require that the train be left anywhere and that a \"full service\" brake should be installed.
This means reducing the pressure in the air brake system where the brakes are applied.
\"The only way these brakes are released is by increasing pressure,\" said Kirkpatrick, who has 38 years of experience . \".
\"This is failure --
Safety of trains
\"How the train got away in this situation, I really have a hard time understanding.
In an interview with the CBC, Burkhardt said that the company will no longer leave trains unattended and will no longer replace staff in small towns near the province\'s border with Maine.
He said that the company\'s safety record is reasonable, especially compared to other short-term companies
Railway operators.
The company has been involved in a series of events over the years.
The records of MMA are \"part of our review,\" Ross said.
\"Recently, this is a 13,000-
Diesel leak in flonak east of LacMégantic.
Two years agoS.
Authorities charge Maine
The Maine-based company was eventually fined $2009 in 2011 for 30,000 of the oil spill.
The company operated as an Iron Road Railway during the 2003 acquisition period from 1995 to the railway World Company.
Since 1998, it has been responsible for 11 incidents involving hazardous materials.
Eight of them happened after the railway World acquisition.
According to the railway world company website, the company is a railway management, consulting and investment company specializing in privatization and restructuring.
Burkhardt, president of MMA, joined the world of railways in 1999 as President and CEO.
\"Its purpose is to promote the privatization of the railway industry by convening government agencies that want to sell shares in investment capital and management skills,\" the website wrote . \". Related:•Lac-
Megentic train explosion: 5 things we know, 5 things we don\'t know
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