kittel drops discs after abu dhabi tour incident

by:JHY     2019-12-10
Kittel has not yet decided whether he will continue to try the brakes throughout the season, but he started the second stage on Friday and won the second stage, which marks his respect for the team.
The German sprinter had a late crash with Owain Doull. Sky)
On Thursday, the latter attributed a clean piece of debris from his left foot shoe to Kittel\'s disc brake, which UCI reintroduced this season.
\"Out of respect for my colleagues, I won\'t use disc brake bikes today because I understand safety issues,\" Kittel said . \".
\"I think the most important thing here is that as drivers we are united and have a voice.
Of course, we should discuss that opinions are always different. But I can understand if there is a psychological problem with it at the moment and I don\'t want to put the oil in the fire to make it worse.
\"The isolated damage that is considered to be caused by the disc brake has resulted in a shame that, through mass voting, currently exceeds any advances that technology may herald.
The UCI regulations currently require the rotor to be completely smooth, but the CPA rider union claims that this is not enough and requires additional protection measures including the cover supported by Kittel. The 28-year-
The old man said he didn\'t feel pushed by a sponsor who used the disc brakes exclusively, and he and his teammate Tom Pamidronate Disodium for Injection both won this season. \"No, not at all.
As some of my colleagues joked, I was not paid for driving the disc brakes.
\"I\'m not here to push the disc brake marketing campaign either,\" Kittel said . \".
\"I think this may be the next step in our sport technology, and I still have that view, but I think it\'s also a smart move to look at how it is developing now and keep working on it.
\"Our sponsors come to me and the rest of the team and say that we will support you if you really want to ride it, but they will not force us or force us.
They were certainly happy to get feedback from us when we were cycling, but there was no pressure.
Kittel says he\'s not disappointed in the fall.
Coming out of Thursday\'s crash, which also sparked a debate about the reasonableness of the disc brakes passing through Durer\'s shoes and rubbing their feet directly below.
\"Everyone has the right to say what he thinks, and it\'s very likely that it comes from disc brakes,\" Kittel said . \".
\"I\'m not here to defend it, because I really can\'t see what\'s going on when I crash.
\"I still support the technology, but I also really support the riders who may still be afraid, and I\'m happy to talk to everyone and try to convince them.
But at the same time, I also asked for additional investigation and security measures.
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