hyundai slapped with $17.35 million fine for delayed recall of the 2009-2012 genesis

by:JHY     2019-12-30
Last fall, Korean automakers Hyundai from 2009-
2012 model years.
Unfortunately, Hyundai should have recalled long ago, and now the company has suffered $17 in losses.
The State Administration of road traffic safety fined 35 million.
Between April 30-20, 2008 and March 28, the recall of the century affected about 43,500 vehicles.
The reason for the recall is that there is a problem with the brake fluid used in the hydraulic electronic control unit of genetic Company (HECU).
Read: Under normal circumstances, 2015 of the most important 17 new cars, the brake fluid will protect the Heku from corrosion, but the brake fluid used in 2009-
2012 models did not complete the task.
This means that Heku can corrosion and inhibit braking performance.
Six collisions and two injuries were related to the defect, as were 87 consumer complaints received by Hyundai.
NHTSA investigated the matter and found that modern (a)
Failure to report the problem to the agency in a timely manner and (b)
Failure to issue an appropriate recall.
According to a statement from NHTSA: \"Hyundai instructed dealers to replace the brake fluid of the affected vehicle without explaining the consequences of not replacing the brake fluid, rather than a recall.
Hyundai did not inform the owner of the century.
Due to NHTSA\'s investigation, Hyundai finally recalled the affected vehicles in October 2013.
\"As a result of the investigation, Hyundaihas agreed to pay a civil fine of $17. 35 million.
The company also agreed to improve its internal
An internal system to assess issues and implement recalls: \"Hyundai agrees to improve its process of identifying, reporting and communicating security --
Find relevant defects in time.
This includes creating aS.
Technical Committee to review and determine the potential of modern cars-
Specific safety recall.
Hyundai will eventually be responsible for responding to security issues in a timely manner as suggested by the technical committee.
\"If Hyundai is $17.
The 35 million figure sounds familiar and you\'re not imagining it: Toyota paid the same in 2012 for recalling Lexus mats.
However, Hyundai and Toyota are relaxed compared to GM, which has agreed to pay twice its much slower \"switch\" recall.
According to NHTSA, the $35 million figure set a record of \"the maximum amount of civil fines paid by NHTSA after investigating the recall violation.
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