how to repair a murray riding mower brake system

by:JHY     2019-11-06
Like a car, the braking system on your Murray mower is important for safety.
Although your Murray mower is not as fast as the car, you will most likely use it on slopes or surfaces that have less grip than the road.
Over time, the brakes of the mower may not be able to provide as much stop power as before due to adjustments.
Fortunately, you can re-adjust and repair the brake system without the need for a technician.
Place the mower on a flat ground and turn off the engine.
Disconnect the spark plug with a wrench to prevent accidental start when using a Murray mower.
Set up the parking brake and place the shift lever in a neutral position marked \"N\"
\"Loosen the hex nut with a socket or wrench turning clockwise.
Keep turning it until the rear wheel does not move when you push the mower forward.
Loosen the parking brake and move the mower.
If it is not moved, turn the hex nut counter-clockwise until the device starts rolling and tighten the hex nut.
Set up the parking brake and push the mower.
If the rear wheel remains in place, the drive brake is adjusted correctly.
If they do move, Repeat steps 2 to 4 accordingly.
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