How to maintain cars in winter? Need to pay attention to six major details

by:JHY     2020-02-27
Winter has come, the temperature is low, there will be a lot of adverse effects on the car, for the car to do a good job of maintenance and inspection, can reduce a lot of trouble in the winter. So, what should we pay attention to in the maintenance of cars in winter? Eliminate fog. The most common problem in winter driving is the fog on the glass in the car, which will make the driver's sight blurred, thus bringing hidden dangers to the driving safety. At this time, the temperature knob is placed in the warm air position, which can achieve the purpose of both defogging and heating. Clean the cold and warm air pipes. When driving in winter, the windows are usually closed tightly, and the cold and warm air pipes are the only passage for air communication inside and outside the carriage. Cleaning the cold and warm air pipes is not only sanitary, but also can reduce the odor of volatile interior materials. In weather with suitable temperature, it is also necessary to open windows and ventilate properly. Check the tires. Rubber will become hard and brittle in winter, not only the friction coefficient will be reduced, but also more easily leak and tie tires than other seasons. The inclusion in the tread should be cleaned frequently to avoid the use of worn tires. The four tires are preferably the same brand, the same pattern and the same specification. The air pressure in winter is low, so the tires must be fully ventilated to prevent tire blowout. Prevent paint scratches. Frost and snow in winter are easy to stay on the surface area of the car body, and the corrosive chemicals involved will cause damage to the paint surface, so it is necessary to wash the car in time. Car wash to choose sunny weather, it is best to have a breeze, so you can avoid the water frozen on the body. At the same time, scratches caused by silt carried in the rag should be avoided. Antifreeze must be changed every two years. Because the antifreeze is generally valid for two years, expired antifreeze will cause cylinder corrosion, serious and even cause serious damage to the engine. In addition, the freezing point of antifreeze is generally around minus 25 °c. If you go to a colder place, you need to change the antifreeze with a lower freezing point. Replenish battery electrolyte in time. In low temperature environment, the battery capacity is much lower than that at normal temperature. Therefore, the electrolyte of the battery should be replenished in time in winter, and the binding posts of the battery should be cleaned at the same time, and the special Grease should be coated to protect the battery and prolong the service life of the battery. If the vehicle is parked in the open air for several weeks, the battery should be removed to prevent the battery from freezing and damage.
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