Good driving habits in winter, see which ones you haven't noticed?

by:JHY     2020-02-23
When driving in the urban area, most of the drivers are concentrated, while in the suburb, due to the small number of vehicles, the drivers are easy to relax their vigilance and drive fast, especially in the downhill section, the first reaction of many drivers when going downhill is that the car accelerates less. In fact, traffic accidents are most likely to occur at this time. If the front vehicle suddenly brakes and slows down, it may cause the rear vehicle to brake less than rear-end collision due to road slip. It is understood that there are also drivers who want to cross the line and surpass the truck when there are fewer vehicles. In the process of suddenly surpassing the truck, the driver's sight of the vehicle coming from the other side may be blocked by the truck, resulting in a head-on collision and danger. Turning, a seemingly simple action, actually contains a lot of knowledge. According to a car 4S shop after-sales service master introduction: winter road slip should avoid sudden brakes and sharp turns before turning, to slowly reduce the speed after a certain speed turn, can not rush to the steering wheel, this is easy to cause the wheels to lose control and is also quite dangerous; When turning, you should be humble and not rush with straight vehicles. The warm air has nothing to do with the fuel consumption of the vehicle and will not increase the fuel consumption. The working principle of the warm air is to use the blower to blow the hot air generated by the water tank into the cab when the water temperature of the engine rises, the air conditioner uses the engine to drive the compressor to work and generate fuel consumption. Novice in the use of warm air should be opened to the 'external circulation' state, in order to prevent the glass in the cab fog; Moreover, the use of warm air in a confined space for a long time will cause harm to the human respiratory system, especially when there are cold patients on the car, it is necessary to drive the window to breathe, and develop the habit of opening the window from time to time. After the heavy snow, the snow on the windshield, headlights and reflector of the car must be removed before starting the car to ensure that the visual line will not be affected when driving. It is best to prepare a piece of cotton cloth at hand, which can wipe the Fog vapor and mirror inside the window when parking on the way to keep a good line of sight. If conditions permit, 'Rain enemy' or similar products can be applied to the glass inside the car to reduce fogging. The road covered by heavy snow will make it difficult to start the car, in order to be able to enter the lane smoothly, it is best to move the car slightly back and forth, or use the snow shovel to remove the snow in front of the car. After ignition, step on the accelerator lightly and do not idle the wheels, otherwise the wheels will sink deeper and deeper. In the process of driving, we should always pay attention to the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, followed by keeping a sufficient distance from the front vehicles and always preparing to brake ahead of time. When we find that the distance with the front vehicles is shortening, no matter what the reason, immediately collect the oil and slow down and put your foot on the brake pedal to prepare for braking. Except when you want to stop, don't take off the gear and step on the brake, with or without ABS. Hanging the low-gear brake can reduce the speed of the vehicle faster by means of the deceleration effect of the engine. For cars without ABS, picking up the brakes will easily cause the tires to lock up. If the front wheels are locked up, the car will lose control over the direction of travel and move towards the direction of inertia, at that time, it was useless to control the steering wheel. If the rear wheel was locked, the car would flick its tail horizontally and the direction would be even more uncontrollable. Of course, even if you hang the brakes, don't step on the brake pedal when you don't encounter an emergency. You should gradually increase the force. If the speed is high or you need to brake as soon as possible, you can directly reduce the gear and brake: for example, if the gear is in 4th gear, first release the right foot from the accelerator pedal and put it on the brake pedal, and the left foot quickly steps on the clutch, quickly change the gear to gear 3, in case of emergency, you can directly change from Gear 4 to Gear 2 or even Gear 1, then lift the clutch, the clutch fits the rear right foot to step on the brake pedal, but don't step to death, if you feel that the wheel is locked, immediately release the brake pedal and then step on it, the strength is still gradually increasing. The car with ABS can also directly reduce the gear, the difference is that when the speed is reduced to a slower speed, you can step on the clutch (To prevent the engine from going out)One foot on the brake (Only when the speed is slow), Let ABS handle the rest. In bad weather, in addition to paying attention to their own driving skills, they should also pay attention to choosing routes. Don't blindly drive on the loop. In fact, many main roads and the auxiliary roads of the loop are not necessarily more difficult than the main roads of the loop. On snowy days and 2nd days, some roads near the ring road are very smooth, but the ring road is full of cars. Choosing these roads will lead to shorter and safer travel time. When going up and down the slope, use the low gear to pass smoothly, and it is not suitable to shift the gear halfway. Prevent flameout on uphill and absolutely prohibit sliding in neutral on downhill. Beginners can change their driving in snowy days to take auxiliary roads to avoid overpasses with large slopes. Try to avoid parking in the snow because it is difficult to restart it. If you have to park on a snowy downhill, you must ensure that there is enough space to leave the parking space, because it is very difficult to move the parking space back and forth. In addition, we should always pay attention to the oil meter when driving in snowy days. Long-time low-speed driving and start-up parking consume a lot of fuel, and we should refuel in time to prevent the vehicle from breaking down and causing traffic jams.
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