gm expands ignition-switch recall

by:JHY     2019-12-19
GM on Friday significantly expanded its recall of Chevrolet Cobalts and five other small cars to look for faulty ignition switches that might have been used to repair some cars before.
The company\'s move means it is recalling 2.
There are 6 million cars repairing defective switches, which is related to the death of 12 people.
GM said the recall expanded and was under pressure from federal and congressional investigations and more lawsuits.
An increase of 971,000 vehicles worldwide, including 824,000 in the United States
Designed to recycle 5,000 ignition switches that could have been used to repair Cobalts and other small cars not included in the previous recall.
The company said it sold about 95,000 faulty switches to after-sales wholesalers and dealers, of which 5,000 were used to repair new cars not included in previous recalls.
The recall includes GM Chevrolet Cobalt and HHR, Pontiac G5 and Solstice, and all vehicle years of Saturn Ion and sky.
\"GM is not aware of any reports of this [death]new]
The company said in a statement that it was caused by defective switches.
A new recall came as GM recalled No. 1.
The 6 million old model vehicle repair switch may be turned off unexpectedly if the switch is pushed or connected to a heavy key ring.
When the switch is off, the car loses power brake and steering, and the airbag is disabled.
GM has told car owners that while driving, everything except the car keys has to be removed from the wheel until a new ignition switch can be installed.
The company also instructed dealers that it would pay the loan vehicle or rent for those owners who did not want to drive the recalled car before it was repaired.
The company said dealers should receive replacement parts from the original recall by April 7.
GM is under review as it knows the fatal ignition
The switching problem has been going on for more than ten years before the initial recall was released.
According to the company\'s submission to the federal security regulator, the company had earlier proposed to redesign the ignition switch or add a plug-in to resolve the issue, but later decided to oppose it.
The company has repeatedly apologized for delaying the recall, saying it was difficult to identify the problem.
The slow recall also hit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for not finding the problem and ordering the recall.
NHTSA said that although three accident special investigations related to defective switches were turned on, it was also difficult to find the problem.
Earlier on Friday, GM confirmed that it had issued a notice to dealers asking them to stop the delivery of 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Cruze to customers with one. 4-liter engines.
The company did not provide any explanation for the order.
Also this month, GM announced a recall of more than one.
5 million cars to solve brake parts, air-
Several models of parts such as package wiring.
The company has appointed a senior executive to oversee security issues.
\"We have no risk in safety,\" said GM chief executive Mary T . \"
Barra said in a statement on Friday.
\"Trying to find thousands of switches in the 2 population.
It is impractical to distribute 2 million cars to thousands of retailers.
We are reviewing the rest of the demonstration years for very careful consideration.
\"Auto safety advocates say GM\'s reckless recall is a direct result of focusing on GM\'s initial response to ignition --switch problem.
\"What\'s so interesting to me is that the pressure of public attention and the possibility of criminal penalties forces this company to perform well,\" said Joan Clay Brook, a former NHTSA administrator.
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