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by:JHY     2019-11-22
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Grassland climate brakes sharply.
Dust and sand quickly wear brake pads and rotors in the summer.
The winter cold can cause the rubber brake hose to break and the seal to leak.
Moisture in the spring and fall can cause the metal parts to rust and the moving parts to be caught.
Normally, the driver does not even know that the brake system is not working properly until it is asked to stop suddenly.
It might be too late!
Checking the brake system is an easy job.
Almost any repair shop can stop.
Many people offer brake check services free of charge or at very low cost.
They know that some cars need to brake, so providing free checks can make them make money.
There are clear specifications for the allowable wear on brake pads, brake shoes, rotors and drums.
If they want to sell you some work, please ask about the size and specification of your part.
If they can\'t tell you, go somewhere else.
You can check the brakes yourself, but removing all the wheels to see that the brakes are not an interesting way for me on the weekend, so why not leave this part to a repair shop with a gourd?
If the vehicle does need work then you can decide whether to do it yourself or get the repair shop done.
Keep in mind that the brake system is the most important safety system on the vehicle.
If you do not know how to ensure a complete repair, please hand it over to the professional.
When checking the brake, the technician will check the thickness of the brake lining.
The lining is the friction material that is pressed on the rotor or roller to prevent the car.
The minimum thickness of the lining shall be 1mm higher than any metal liner or rivet.
This is about the thickness of a dime.
Replace the lining before any metal display.
The metal friction on the brake rotor or brake drum will quickly destroy them within a few kilometers.
The technician also checks for wear or grooves in the rotor and drum.
If the machined surface is smooth and there are only small grooves, it can be reused.
A rough or worn surface must be reworked.
This is often called a \"turn\" rotor or drum.
Until the replacement of these parts is required by law, the specified quantity can only be processed from these parts.
Another part of the inspection includes checking whether all mounting pads and moving parts are rusted or bound.
The properly operated brake system must not only stop the wheel when braking, but also loosen the wheel when the pedal is released.
After releasing the brake pedal, turn each wheel around.
After that, the wheel should be turned with very little resistance.
If the wheel is difficult to turn, there may be parts that are caught or bundled.
Don\'t forget to look for brake fluid leakage.
Rubber hoses connecting each wheel and the rest of the brake hydraulic system should check for cracks, wear or bumps.
Hoses with any faults should be replaced immediately.
Check if there is a leak in the engine compartment brake master cylinder.
Look for wet or blistering paint at the bottom and rear of the main cylinder.
The brake fluid is a quick paint remover, so the blistering paint indicates a leak.
Don\'t forget to check the brake fluid level in the main cylinder.
If the liquid content is low, fill it up with a new brake fluid.
Don\'t let your brake system be ignored and ignored.
It took a few minutes to check your vehicle braking system to save the lives of you and others.
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