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by:JHY     2020-04-07
Cause brake failure for many reasons, one is the brake system is a lack of necessary maintenance, brake master cylinder in too much impurity, untight seal, vacuum booster pump failure several brake oil, brake oil dirty or mixed gas after heated resistance, brake pump or pump oil, propane tanks or piping interface leak; Second, parts failure due to improper operation, such as long downhill can make brake pad friction heating carbonization, brakes, brake hub function complete failure; Three is in the serious overload, in under the action of gravity acceleration, increase the vehicle motion inertia, a direct result of the brake failure. Brake if the vehicle on the road, a novice what should I do? According to road conditions and vehicle speed control good direction, to take off the highway, and at the same time quickly empty oil boom a foot, high-speed gear change into low gear. In this way, will have a lot of traction resistance lower the speed quickly. In addition, while in low gear, should be combined with the hand brake, but must pay attention to the hand brake can't tighten, also cannot too slowly. If too tight, and easy to make the brake disc 'lock', is likely to drive damage and loss of braking ability; If too slowly, and will make the brake disc wear ablation and loss of braking effect. Make use of the car bumper, car parts rigidity and roadside natural obstacle (such as Rocks, trees, or soil) Friction, collision, achieve the goal of forced parking escape, reducing accident loss as much as possible. Uphill brake failure, should be timely reduction into the low block, keep sufficient parking power on top. If you need the banpo parking, should keep moving low gears, taut hand brake, the accessory personnel in a timely manner with rocks, the content such as stow-wood stuck the wheels. If there is a sliding phenomenon, after the rear should be on the safe side, or hill and open the lights and emergency lights, cause the attention of the vehicles before and after. Downhill brake failure, can't take advantage of the vehicle itself mechanism to control the speed, the driver should decisively in the use of natural obstacles, such as rocks, trees, etc. , the side of the road caused a resistance to the car. If at that time no suitable terrain, can take advantage of the object, an emergency may to mountain side, the side of the body to increase friction resistance, gradually reduce the speed. Vehicles in the long, steep slope with or without the situation should be stamped on the brakes. Can test the brake performance, brake can also be found in winning the control the speed of the time, also known as predictive brake.
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