do you know when to replace your brakes? experts say to listen.

by:JHY     2019-11-11
Just as your gas mileage will vary depending on where and how you drive, so it will change with the life of the brake pads (or brake shoes)
, Friction material pressed on a metal disk (rotor)
Or stop with drums.
How long will they last?
It depends on many factors.
Why would my brakes squeak?
If you drive only 8,000 miles a year, but mostly in crowded urban areas like Chicago, Boston, or Washington. C.
You need to change brake pads or shoes more often than people who travel 28,000 miles a year.
In urban driving, you use more brakes than on rural roads.
Unfortunately, there is no clear
Cut the schedule and tell you when the brakes should be replaced, so you need to rely on the advice of your ears and experienced car technicians.
Most vehicles should rotate tires at least every six months, which is also a good time to check the brakes.
The mechanic can check the thickness of the pad and the condition of the clamp or drum hardware to find the wear.
A lot of cars are built.
In the wear sensor, the brake disc is scratched when the brake pads need to be replaced.
They hear annoying screams when drivers step on the brakes (
Or when releasing the brakes on some vehicles).
Some cars are equipped with an electronic wear indicator that gives a dashboard warning to the driver if the pad reaches the minimum thickness, but this feature usually appears on expensive luxury cars, relying on regular brake maintenance checks is better than assuming the car has your back.
These sensors are not in every car and are not necessarily on every wheel, so the driver should listen to squeak, squeak, metalon-Grinding of metal (
Usually a sign that the brake pads are completely gone)
And other noise that indicates wear.
Some minor noise can be eliminated by cleaning the brakes, but continuous, protruding noise usually means wear of the parts.
If the brake pedal is under light or moderate braking, it can reflect a worn or twisted disc. (
If your car has an anti-lock brake system, pedal vibration under emergency braking is normal, which is required on new cars in the United StatesS.
Since the 2012 model year. )
If the steering wheel drags or the car pulls to one side or the other during braking, it may wear or damage the front pad.
Other signs of driving are the longer parking distance, or when you step on the brakes, your feet go further down and closer to the floor.
Since the brake liner will wear out gradually, you may not notice a drop in performance, so experienced mechanics will help in this regard.
Most cars have a brake warning light that lights up for a few seconds each time the car is started.
If it appears during driving, this may mean that your brake system has a low liquid content due to a brake master cylinder leak or a problem.
Please note that this may or may not be the same warning light related to the parking brake, and it is not the same warning light if you lose the ABS function.
Front disc brakes are available for all new and light trucks.
Most also have rear discs, although some are lower
The priced car is still equipped with rear drum brakes.
Using disc brakes, the usual practice is to replace only the brake pads, and re-surface the rotor on the lathe if needed, so that the surface is uniform and smooth.
However, in recent years, more and more automakers have turned to lighter and thinner rotors in order to reduce weight and save money.
The disc used to last for two or three resurfaces, but don\'t be surprised when you are told you still need a new rotor.
The current material may not have enough material to shave off when re-surface treatment, or may not have the material durable 10 years or more ago.
In addition, the repair shop is not willing to re-lay the rotor as this adds time to the work.
In addition, the quality of the work will vary depending on who does it and how good they are.
Instead, it is faster, easier and more profitable for the repair shop to install new rotors and new pads. Cars.
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