do small companies need plm?

by:JHY     2019-10-22
Discover and reuse product designs, get correct design revisions quickly, and simply handle the same design revisions in a collaborative work environment-
These are good reasons for implementing product lifecycle management (PLM)systems.
But it doesn\'t seem like a small company actually buys PLM;
They have just implemented product data management and solved the problem (PDM)--
Get what they expect from \"PLM.
Company: ECCO consists of three offices: ECCO (Boise, ID)Visual reminder (Leeds, UK)
And dangerous systems (Tasmania).
Contact: Todd Mann, system engineering team leader Company Description: ECCO mainly designs and manufactures amber warning lights and backup alarms for multi-function vehicles.
Most of its products are small, about the size of a hand, consisting of 400 to 500 parts.
Make these products in ECCO
Boise alone has more than 150,000 parts per week.
About 50% of the work of ECCO is the design of printing circuit assembly.
Company size: $45-
Millions of sales.
Challenge: Mansfield says growth is usually the beginning of people on the road to PDM or PLM.
At ECCO, communication between Boise, who \"knows everything at work\", and overseas engineering operations began to break. The handoffs--
From electrical to mechanical to configuration and release-
Beyond what people can handle manually.
Another reason: the number of parts in ECCO has surged over the past six years.
The company\'s catalog has increased from 10 pages to 50 pages.
The company\'s tooling list now lists 50 tooling.
Manual systems that control revisions are no longer accepted.
This system basically includes archiving the latest version of the drawings into the main binder, as well as filing file control records.
The problem is: \"The paper has been controlled, but there is no data from the paper.
\"Another option is to use the control system (
A small manufacturing resource planning package)for the \"make-
\"Ship circuit\" in Boise \".
However, this system is \"a bit inadequate\" in terms of engineering work, document management, and collaboration: it cannot provide information about whether the drawings are \"correct, correct versions\", correct part numbers, correct description.
\"Software: ECCO has been Autodesk for 20 years (San Rafael, CA)AutoCAD shop. (
ECCO still has AutoCAD for traditional drawings. )
ECCO began using SolidWorks Office professionals from SolidWorks in 1997. (Concord, MA).
The mechanical design suite includes SolidWorks solid modeler, as well as many design communication and collaboration tools as well as PDMWorks.
ECCO has nine seats in SolidWorks Office in three locations around the world, 11 seats in PDMWorks standalone, and two seats in PDMWorks advanced servers.
The PDMWorks vault for ECCO now contains over 9,000 documents and their history--enough A-
Fill in 72 copies 3-in. binders.
Yes, the company still keeps a hard copy of its engineering documents.
Benefits: The PDMWorks portal provides a comprehensive service to ECCO\'s global design team, customers and suppliersthe-
Clock access to project and product data.
\"This is a huge, huge part of how we communicate with our suppliers and customers.
Users do not have to set bugs for engineers or designers.
\"I want to give back their time to the engineers if you want to,\" said Mr.
By default, PDMWorks vault guarantees it has the latest drawings.
\"This not only keeps our information open, it also simplifies our material ordering process.
Mansfield admits, \"ROI: PDM does add overhead, but it doesn\'t end up because PDM puts information you can\'t guess at your fingertips in a file server environment.
This is very powerful.
I think PDM and PLM are synonymous to some extent.
People who can tell the difference have too much time in their hands.
Company: Concept of tooling in mainland China (CTC; Wyoming, MI)
Contact: Steve Pikaart, founder/Member Company Description: CTC mainly designs precision stamping molds for local tools and mold shops in the West Michigan region.
A typical project can take 4 to 8 weeks of design time.
Company size: 4 employees.
Only Pikaart six months ago.
Challenge: Manage data internally.
In the future, CTC will provide data to customers in real time in order to get some benefits in collaborative product development.
Pikaart thinks his first step is to implement PDM and see how much collaboration it provides.
\"If this is limited and PLM is a way, then that\'s the way I want to go.
\"When CTC increased its staff, Pikaart began to seriously consider PDM.
\"We have to shout back and forth in the office, what version of the document do you have?
It\'s a big job to keep track of who is doing what so that no one is covering each other\'s data.
Software: PTC of Pro/Engineer Wildfire entity modeling system (Needham, MA).
CTC expects to purchase PTC\'s workgroup PDM system Pro/Intralink by the end of 2004.
For four customer seats and consultations, Intralink\'s initial spending will be around $14,000, plus maintenance costs of $2,000 per year.
Benefits: \"provide information to customers.
Save our travel to our customers and our travel to CTC.
Make the review process easier.
When the customer is convenient, let the customer know more about what happened in the design and design process.
All of this will save us a lot of time and money.
\"ROI: Although Pikaart has not installed PDM or PLM yet, he does not have hard numbers, and he does know how much time it takes to protect data and simplify the design of collaboration ---
During customer review, with internal and customer.
Strategic dialogue: \"If [CTC]
I\'m a guy who can\'t invest in PDM.
But when you get into a collaborative environment, when you have multiple designers working on a project, the data management stuff becomes invaluable.
Name of company: terrotel Ltd. (Lake Geneva (WI)
Contact: CAD administrator Elizabeth Schneider Company Description: Trostel manufactures precision molded rubber seals for automotive bearings and other markets.
Company size: Trost headquarters and hardware factory in Lake Geneva;
It has molding facilities in white water, Wei and Mexico.
Trostel\'s revenue is about $60. million.
Challenge: sometimes individual engineers usually display their drawings on different network locations and on their own computer hard drives.
\"Not only did they lose track of revision levels, they also risk losing drawings if the computer crashes,\" Schneider said . \".
Trostel needs a better approach.
In addition, revision level and version control are becoming more and more important in collaborative engineering.
Software: Trostel has eight seats for Autodesk Inventor 7, one seat for AutoCAD Professional, and 10 seats for AutoCAD Lite.
All connected.
For PDM, Trostel uses Autodesk Vault (
Recently upgraded to version 3. 0).
A year ago, there were 21,000 drawings in the vault.
Benefits: size control is critical in the manufacture of precision molded products.
If the tool manufacturer works from the wrong revision level of the product drawings, the finished mold cavity may not produce parts that meet the specifications.
Unfortunately, especially in mold manufacturing, the material cannot be added later.
Fixing errors is time consuming and can cause customers to miss the shipping date and eventually lead to loss of revenue and loss of customers.
ROI: While Schneider is not sure how much Trostel has saved in Autodesk Vault, she says, \"Obviously this will give you a competitive advantage.
What does this mean? You are fast.
You are responsive.
Your answer is accurate.
You can reply to several peers at a time.
And it\'s online.
If you send drawings to China by ordinary mail, how much business will you lose?
Talk straight]PDM]
In today\'s world, it is essential to remain competitive in global manufacturing.
At any time, you need to be able to send the right data to your peers and your partners.
Company: Ambrake manufacturing (
Elizabeth Town, Kentucky)
Contact: Mike Frayser, Senior Manufacturing Engineer Company description: Ambrake, a joint venture between akbono and Delphi, provides brake systems.
Company size: Ambrake has three other facilities: one for remanufacture and two for after-sales friction materials.
About 1,100 employees;
Sales are between $300. to $350-
Millions a year.
Challenge: retrieve drawings quickly.
Fraser admitted that the disc brake calipers were \"very similar \".
Finding and modifying the existing calipers design will help bring the new ones to market faster.
The production and maintenance department of Ambrake also needs to find the drawings quickly;
In order to minimize downtime when production tools are interrupted.
For PDM so far, Ambrake has been using the Cyco AutoManager workflow in Cyco software (Atlanta, GA);
However, when Ambrake moves to 3D drawing creation, the system cannot process the link between files.
Software: UGS edge (Huntsville, AL)
There was also Autodesk AutoCAD before that.
Ambrake has had Insight since January 2004, the PDM system with Solid Edge.
Insight provides basic PDM for Ambrake: mainly documentation-
Level management.
There is no lifecycle management for Ambrake.
\"If the software supports a little better, we will get it.
\"Frayser is currently re-creating the Solid Edge at the front end of the Cyco PDM product.
So far, there are about 3,000 drawings in the Insight;
There are still 60,000 people in line.
Benefits: PDM provides Ambrake with a \"big start\" in installing new products to existing devices \".
ROI: Ambrake didn\'t bring any money or time savings to the PDM implementation, but Frayser knows he \"can find things faster now.
To put it bluntly: \"We don\'t want to re-invent the wheel every time we start doing something.
Lawrence S.
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