Daily use and maintenance of automobile disc brake

by:JHY     2020-02-18
When the car is used and maintained at ordinary times, it is necessary to clean up the oil and sediment around the brake caliper in time, and check whether the brake caliper positioning guide pin is rusted or loose, and whether the rubber bushing is worn. If you need to disassemble the brake caliper, you should pay attention to protect the piston when operating. If you need to clean the brake caliper and the piston, you can only use the brake fluid or the specified detergent, never use gasoline, kerosene or thinner for cleaning, otherwise it will damage the piston and sealing ring. The piston made of phenolic resin should be smooth and clean. If there are scratches, cracks or pits, new parts should be replaced. Be careful not to use the steel piston to replace it, so as not to damage the normal cooperation with the sealing ring and affect the return of the piston and the self-adjustment of the gap. For the disc brake, enrui clutch cylinder analysis: should regularly check the status of the brake friction block. Most car manufacturers recommend that every time a car travels 2. 0 ~ 2. Check the friction block at 50 thousand kilometers, which can be completed together when the tires are transposed. There is no need to disassemble the friction block during inspection, just look at the outer end of each side of the brake caliper. Check the brake friction block the accurate check of the brake friction block should usually be carried out in the repair shop, because the thickness of the friction lining needs to be measured to check whether its wear is uniform. If the thickness of lining exceeds the limit or the wear is uneven, a new friction plate should be replaced. The use limit of friction plate thickness is 1. 6mm. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the friction surface on the friction block is excessively smooth, shiny, ablated or contaminated by dirt. Once the above situation is found, the friction block should be replaced. Some brake clamps have Inspection holes, through which the condition of the brake friction block can be inspected. On the floating caliper disc brake, it is also necessary to check whether the wear of the internal and external friction blocks is uniform. If the wear of the inner side is more serious than that of the outer side, the brake clamp body should be inspected; If the outer wear is serious, the sliding element may be viscous, bent or damaged. In any case, the uneven wear of the brake friction block is an important sign that the brake needs maintenance. If the brake makes a high-frequency scream, it is a warning signal from the brake sensor that makes a sound, indicating that the system needs maintenance. The electronic alarm light is on and the feeling of brake pedal pulsation is also a signal that the brake friction block wear exceeds the specified value.
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