Common sense of car maintenance in winter is very important

by:JHY     2020-02-22
With the arrival of winter, all kinds of car 'winter clothes' also ushered in the sales season and became a hot item. Many car owners and friends began to re-dress their cars and buy car supplies, especially some young female car owners, who not only put on plush mats and 'coats' for their cars ', I also bought a lot of 'skin care products' for the car '. The focus of a car is maintenance. For a car lover, the first thing that comes to mind during the season change is the season change maintenance. It is understood that in the concept of many people, maintenance is nothing more than replacing three filters, oil and other consumables. In fact, during the operation of the vehicle, many parts are constantly worn out, and the scope of routine maintenance and inspection is far from limited to three filters, oil, brake pads, spark plugs, etc, in many places, if you don't pay attention to inspection and maintenance at ordinary times, unexpected faults may occur at some time. Let's talk about the common sense of car maintenance in summer. First open the air conditioning external circulation. Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately when the car starts, but open all the windows first 3- After 5 minutes, the air conditioner will be turned on when the hot air is exhausted, which will have a better effect. If the engine is in a state of large load for a long time, the air conditioner should be temporarily turned off. When cooling, the wind direction of the air conditioner is best to blow upward, because the cold air will sink, the wind direction gear is best to choose the blowing Surface gear, and the upward effect of adjusting the air outlet is the best. Finally, pay attention to turn off the air conditioner before the destination to reduce the generation of peculiar smell. Rain acid in rain, strong sunlight and gum falling on the surface of the car body will all cause corrosion and oxidation of the paint surface. After a long period of rain and sun, your car's face must be suffering and gaunt. Therefore, it is necessary to make a series of beauty care for the body from cleaning, polishing to waxing and sealing. Even if your body has been coated with paint, it is time to give the body a good care and clean it. It is very important to do a good job of disinfecting cars at the alternation of seasons. Windows should be opened frequently for ventilation, and the exterior and interior of the car should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, you can scrub with disinfectant yourself. If you have time, you can also go to a special maintenance shop to irradiate with ultraviolet light or carry out high-temperature disinfection and sterilization. However, it must be noted that the air disinfection in the car is carried out under the condition that no one is inside the car. After disinfection is completed, window ventilation is required 5 ~ 6 min, wipe the facilities in the car with clear water, and then dry them with clean cotton cloth to remove the residual disinfectant. The cushion is in closest contact with the car owner, so when autumn comes, the first thing to replace is the car cushion. At present, there are many kinds of cushions on the market, mainly including Velvet pads, artificial wool pads, pure wool pads, Australian wool pads, etc. Economic cars can choose ordinary velvet pads, cartoon fabrics and imitation wool pads in equivalent form; For medium and high-end cars, pure wool pads and Australian wool pads can be selected. When choosing a cushion, be sure to feel it carefully, touch it with your hand, smell it with your nose, and have no odor or lint. When using, it is also necessary to pay attention to, especially the owners of smoking, try not to smoke in the car, because this kind of wool fabric is easy to catch fire. Chassis sealing plastic is to spray a flexible rubber resin with high adhesion on the chassis, so that the chassis is isolated from the outside world and is not easy to crack and fall off, it has the functions of sand and stone impact prevention, acid rain resistance, corrosion prevention, rust prevention and sound insulation. Therefore, it is necessary for car owners to choose chassis sealing in autumn. However, during the chassis sealing construction, the oil stain on the chassis should be removed first, and the rotating parts such as the transmission shaft and the parts requiring heat dissipation of the tailpipe should be sealed with adhesive tape, otherwise their normal operation will be affected in the future.
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