Common noise faults of brake pads and inspection methods

by:JHY     2020-02-21
There are several kinds of common noises of brake pads, which are high frequency screaming, low frequency howling and dull echo. How did these problems arise? When we encounter these situations, what should we do? The high-frequency sound sounds sharp. When the vibration frequency of the brake disc and the brake pad is the same, they resonate to produce screams. Check the caliper: whether the guide rail is lubricated smoothly and whether the piston oil seal is damaged; Whether all anti-noise clips and brake pads are suitable and installed correctly; Whether the brake pad is too smooth and overused. Commonly known as caliper noise, it is caused by the vibration of the caliper assembly and may also be caused by the vibration of the suspension system. New car caliper or suspension system has a slight vibration, early morning sensitivity, such as winter early morning, especially common. Check calipers, suspension system and bushings. Generally, it is generated when the pedal is relaxed, which is easy to cause the steering wheel to shake. New models are prone to such problems, which are caused by the difference in brake disc thickness. Maintain the ball cage connector and check the wear degree of brake pads. The brake disc is abnormal after wear, which is due to the dirty surface of the brake disc, the uneven density of the brake disc material, the excessive working temperature, and the mismatching of the brake disc installation torque. Check: check the brake disc before replacing the brake pad; Check the thickness of brake disc with Caliper; Reinstall the fixed brake disc Bolt; Measure the flatness of brake disc working surface.
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