Check the parts you can't see carefully

by:JHY     2020-02-23
Most car owners take good care of their cars and pay attention to their maintenance. However, every car always has some maintenance parts that we cannot touch or think. Although these parts are difficult to reach, they play a vital role in driving safety, or they can affect the braking performance and fuel consumption of cars, and some even affect the life safety of car owners. Ignition wire: Aging will affect the vehicle's power and fuel consumption. I believe everyone knows that some car owners can replace the spark plug by themselves, but in contrast, the ignition wire is rarely noticed by everyone. Some car owners wonder why there is nothing wrong with their cars, but they just don't like to catch fire, driving with high fuel consumption and poor power, if it is not caused by other reasons, it is suggested that you check the ignition line. Both ends of the ignition wire are connected to the distributor and the spark plug, which is the only path for the motor to pass the spark to the engine during driving. Due to the high frequency of use and the harsh working environment, it is prone to aging, damage and other phenomena, the ignition energy is insufficient, which seriously affects the vehicle power and fuel consumption. It is recommended that vehicles replace the ignition line every 20 thousand kilometers. Brake disc: if there are clear scratches, it is recommended to replace the new brake disc brake disc. I believe everyone is familiar with it. At present, more and more vehicles are gradually transitioning from the brake configuration of the front and rear drums to the configuration of the front and rear discs. The advantage of using disc brake is that it has better heat dissipation and is more convenient to clean and replace. Most car owners think that the brake pad is easier to wear than the brake disc, and they do not pay enough attention to the brake disc. In fact, the acting force between the disc and the disc is mutual, and the contact friction will wear, moreover, the surface of the brake disc is smoother than that of the brake pad and is easily affected by the rough surface of the brake pad. The brake pad itself is a wearing part, but when we check and replace the brake pad, we should also pay attention to the condition of the surface of the brake disc. If there are clear scratches, it is recommended to replace the new brake disc, in order to avoid unexpected consequences. Wiper maintenance: regular cleaning to prolong life, there are not many opportunities to drive in rainy days, and there are relatively few opportunities to use wiper. Therefore, some car owners do not attach much importance to the daily abnormal state of wiper blades. The problem is usually very serious until it affects the wiper effect. In addition to daily use, if there is less water on the front glass, the wiper will be scraped empty, which will easily aggravate the wear of the wiper and affect its levelness. When strong things appear on the front glass, such as the dry feces of birds such as pigeons, it is also necessary to avoid directly using the wiper hard scraping. Since the material of the wiper blade is mainly rubber, which will age and Harden for a long time, the owner can buy a rubber curing agent from the auto parts store and spray it on the rubber part of the wiper blade every month, which can play a role in curing the rubber strip, at least 30% of the rubber strip can be extended-50% service life. In addition, when it is found that the wiper is not completely wiped, you can also buy a wiper repair device to rub the rubber part of the wiper blade, so that the irregularly worn part can be repaired. If in the process of using, it is hard to see the outside world because the wipers have left long and thin stripes on the windscreen, which may be because there are foreign objects on the windscreen or the edge parts are worn, treatment methods should not be in a hurry to replace, first of all to clean the Edge part, if the symptoms are still not eliminated need to be replaced.
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