Car brake caliper brake wheel cylinder on a too soft?

by:JHY     2020-03-27
In order to improve the security of the new car, many owners will consider change a better than original braking system. Today to introduce JHY: at this time, most of the owners will face the same problem, a new large brake calipers installation will go up and wheel hub. So how to avoid this kind of phenomenon? Professional term is involved here is called X FACTOR. Commonly known as 'calipers space' is also called X distance, its definition is: the wheels installed base ( Flange surface) Planar extension into 1 inch wheels and banners outside the vertical distance is called X distance, if the measured value, the greater the distance of X from the greater the chance to hold large brake calipers, this is a round circle to the key to avoid large brake calipers, reverse, when the X value is too small, large banners joint edges of brake calipers and wheel rim ( Or calipers edges than X-ray FACTOR value. So I haven't had enough original hub X from? Can change a X a bigger wheels? This way is can, of course, but the cost is higher. Another solution is to add flange pad, increase the distance X. To increase the X - with rim flange gaskets Principle of FACTOR space, actually increases the dimension from the centerline of the rims and wheels installed base, and into the new large caliper, but it is important to note that the thickness of the flange gasket is not suitable for too thick, too thick flange gasket will weaken the original wheels screw torque directly. Or wheels will appear loose phenomenon. So we must be replaced after added too thick gasket longer screws. So we must be calculated before the change of the brake, don't blindly, or it will backfire.
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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