Car brake caliper brake wheel cylinder fault inspection

by:JHY     2020-03-28
In car brake calipers may not be very understanding, below with small make up take a look at it. 1, let us to know about the brake wheel cylinder in the braking system is what? We are in a disc brake for example is introduced: a disc brake is mainly composed of a brake disc (connected with the wheels Also called brake disc) When we hit the brakes, brake master cylinder of the hydraulic oil is pressed into the brake caliper pistons by extrusion, brake caliper pistons role by liquid pressure and displacement, this move will make brake pad clamped tightly in the middle of the brake disc, brake effect thereby, make the speed of the car drops slowly, and finally make the vehicle stop. 2, low failure rate of the brake caliper, if really wrong, main show the following two points: one, the oil: oil is easy to determine, as long as usual check near the wheel brake tubing around whether there is oil leakage, check whether the brake oil can oil had low can be found in a timely manner. 2, return: return bad often behave more closed, at that time the difficult to find, check and test method has the following two: ( 1) Around, we can observe the brake calipers, wheel hub judging border color for the rough, return bad brake pads wear will in overheating and accelerated, clastic clung to the whole wheel off, because the four brake calipers fault occurs at the same time, the detailed contrast examination can be found in a timely manner. ( 2) , jack up any wheel, the relaxing hand brake, not under the condition of the brakes, turn the tyre by hand, if you find that one special wheel than other difficult, so the wheel could be piston return bad.
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