Car brake caliper brake pump system maintenance and maintenance

by:JHY     2020-03-28
Car brake caliper brake wheel cylinder system is related to an important part of the train operation safety. There are statistics show that the major traffic accidents every year in our country, nearly a third is due to the braking system, which caused by the problems in the process of daily traffic, accidents caused by braking problem is also common occurance. How to correct the braking system maintenance, timely find abnormal braking system, is the owner to master the skills. Daily brake system maintenance and inspection, mainly the following points should be paid attention to. ( 1) Maintain brake dry maintain brake dry, avoid to wash the car or after wading, water residue on the surface of the brake braking performance decline. If brake into the water, can under the normal speed, the click of a brake, brake shoe and brake drum and brake disc friction heat, the moisture evaporation, but on a few times more, ensure full recovery braking efficiency. ( 2) Check the brake fluid is whether meet the requirements of brake fluid in the hydraulic brake system transmission medium, the braking performance is directly related to whether meet the requirements, will be discussed in the next issue special. ( 3) Check the abrasion of braking piece after the vehicle to 1 wanli, should be regularly check the thickness of brake lining or brake shoe habits, when they wear to the small thickness of thickness is close to manufacturers regulations, should be replaced immediately. Although most car will design a brake piece of excessive wear prompt alarm, but if wait for alarm, braking performance has seriously declined. Check brake lining at the same time, also check the wear of brake disc and brake drum, such as contact surface dent in a timely manner to repair station for processing. ( 4) Abnormal cases when driving in the process of inspection, had scratches chassis, pay special attention to whether the injury to the brake pipe. This vehicle will also be parked on a flat, dry place, continuous trample brake on the brake pedal again after a few feet, keep the braking condition, pay attention to whether or not the pedal height change, when we have slowly become low, lines for leaks. Get off to check whether there is oil stains can confirm the fault and the ground leak detection. When the automobile brake apparent left or right, wandering, braking effect weakened or brake pedal too soft than ever, the journey is too long, we should pay attention to all, in a timely manner to the professional repair shop for maintenance.
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