Car brake

by:JHY     2020-03-27
Driving people know how to see the quality of a car, but both appearance and interior are not important. Important thing is what we are bright eye can't identify. Is one of three big cars. Not really. Casual, engine, chassis and braking. A car is unsafe, Ann is power and braking. We need to normal driving. Also need to stop at the time of braking can steadily. Car brake caliper brake wheel cylinder manufacturers today you tell me the brake. What is when our car brake at work? When we need brake with the foot on the brake pedal. The pedal is connected with the power bar. Can quickly amplified footsteps released by force when you brake. Do you think if it is not the power amplifier, the speed of the car so fast, and so heavy, how can easily let you trample the parking. Booster pump closely connected to the brake wheel cylinder. When braking points by booster pump after passed command, immediately to the brake pressure on the brake fluid in the tubing. Oil after being compressed, transfer power to the other four brake pliers. This middle or brake fluid are connected closely, so we have to replace the brake oil regularly. Or braking effect will be worse and worse. And the brake disc and brake pads. After the brake fluid is passed to the brake wheel cylinder signal. Brake wheel cylinder is connected tight card money immediately. Through the disk to hug the pads. Also a certain degree of influence on the size of the brake pad we brake braking distance. In addition to the piston will be part of the role. Automobile is mostly used in our daily life of the single live his line, equivalent to you with one finger to hold down the brake disc, of course, some of the car is to use multiple number of pistons, principles are the same. In the internal conditions to be able to run normally, then. The influence of other factors is the car outside factors. Car tire area lights are may affect. Just auto area is smaller, tire friction caused by the factors to be bigger. Car to stop, or actually and friction between tire and road surface. If the friction of the tire lost. Then the inside of the car brake again good also is of no use. The car race, different road, racers will change different tyres, mainly to grip and grinding. Naturally we won't like race car driver kept replacement tires. But under some special cases, or need to change the tire for different situation. So tire is also a very important part of, the following pattern grain decrease, change regularly or damage to the tire repair in time.
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