Braking points pump how to maintenance and brake pump problem analysis and processing method

by:JHY     2020-04-02
Today, JHY how to maintenance and talk to you brake wheel cylinder brake pump problem analysis and processing method. Brake wheel cylinder maintenance way: first, we may often be met when the brakes while driving brakes brake not so good, on the other side of fever, or the brake disc and we looked in the thickness of the brake pads may also see a thick piece of thin, actually this basic is the reason why because the brake wheel cylinder. Actually we want to maintain the cylinder is ok. Two, we at the time of maintenance to push the first cylinder jacket pin whether activities here, if I don't move the pin out, then put the above rust with sand paper to grind away, and then coated with butter. Also can also check the points inside the piston pump is there any rust, it is very difficult, if rust is severe with special tools, the piston is hard to top entered out that we should also maintain the, but the general owners may wait after out will be difficult to set in, so I'm here also have no detailed, specific can ask the teacher to help maintain the maintenance. If there is serious for the replacement or to change. Brake pump problem analysis and processing methods: 1. Don't frequent brakes: in addition to the braking system itself related parts, product inspection, maintenance the driver's driving habits to the influence of the brake system is also very big, like in the winding mountain road to the hill cannot frequent brake, such meetings make brake pads ( Drum) Low fever and attenuation of the brake function, need to hang slide block, using idea of traction auxiliary brake. Every 50000 km or 2 years should replace the brake fluid, if long-term in humid regions, oil change period to shorten appropriately. At the same time to remember, can't slide off, lack of the idea of the vacuum booster, brake system is known as 'disabled'. General urban driving in normal use, the service life of high-end car brake pads of 3/5, but also look at the owner's details control situation, the best is inspected once every 10000 kilometers. Level 1 maintenance by a professional mechanic is responsible for the execution. 2. Brake adjustment: when the brake the car running deviation to the left or right, this is caused by a front wheel brakes are not synchronized, extremely easy for brake rob left ( Right) While an accident, especially at high speed, brake adjustment should be carried out immediately to the repair shop. The homework the central content in addition to the daily maintenance work, give priority to with cleaning, lubrication, fastening, and check the braking security components, operation, etc. 3. Causes of the brake failure: one is lack of necessary maintenance of brake, brake master cylinder in too much impurity, untight seal, vacuum booster pump failure several brake oil, brake oil dirty or mixture of heated air resistance, brake on the pump or pump oil spill, leak air tank or pipe interface. You can divide the brake pump after removed, take down pipe, with fine sand paper burnish, then daub on the butter, the last loading. There may be due to the fixed brake wheel cylinder tube flush card lag phenomenon, lead to brake wheel cylinder can't return. Brake oil for maintaining its focus is not bad, especially pay attention to prevent moisture penetration. New car's first 1000 km running in a hub, also need running-in brake system, it is best not to have emergency braking. 4. Maintenance: maintenance, according to produce car manufacturers recommend or defined range or the use of time. 5. New car brake running-in: there is a period at the beginning of use, one of the indispensable sector is the adaptation of the braking system. In order to adjust smoothly, before stepping on the brake clutch on the first, but often times the length of the expedient measure, after a 1000 km, in order to prolong the service life of the clutch, is still to keep an eye on the clutch and brake. 2 because of improper manipulation, leading to gear failure, such as long downhill can make brake pad friction heating carbonization, brakes, brake hub function complete failure; Three because of the serious overload, under the action of gravity acceleration, increase the vehicle motion inertia, a direct result of the brake failure. 6. Replace the brake pads: a car braking effect ultimate is determined by the brake pads, brake pads so maintain a good condition is the most direct braking system maintenance methods. Catheter is in is the brake pump and hanging fixed parts, brake points outside the fixed screw pump and hang, also is the brake pump two mounting bolt hole. 7. Brake wheel cylinder don't return: it is recommended that check the brake wheel cylinder piston is caused by the dirt on the card lag phenomenon. 8. Timely replace the brake fluid, brake fluid is in addition to the brake pads, is far influence on braking system of the oil. Level 1 maintenance distance mileage is about 7500 km15000km or 6 months, will be subject to range or use the time to achieve. Brake pads and brake disc ( Drum) Is life, must change when they wear to a certain extent. If you want to know more information about car brake calipers, please pay attention to us!
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